Rumpy Has a Valentine!

I’ve decided it would be best to keep the post themes more uniform.

I’ve started another blog. At this blog I’m going continue to to talk about animals, animal welfare and pet care. The other stuff I write about I’ll put elsewhere.

So, here, Rumpy, you can have your blog back now!

Yay! It’s back to being MY blog again! You hear that, June Buggie? 

Oh Dog! Happy Valentines Day!

My friend Pepper sent me this on Twitter.

This is my friend Pepper. Pepper lives in Ohio and on Twitter @prince_pepper01


And my friend Eripan sent me this valentine all the way from Japan!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Will YOU be my valentine?

Woo woo woo! I love you!


21 thoughts on “Rumpy Has a Valentine!

  1. I’m sending you love from the Rainbow Bridge. I only got here Jan 25 and still finding my way and getting used to it. I don’t have any pain, have gained weight, and can walk and run. I miss mommy and I know she misses me.

    Give smoochies to Jen and the four-legged gang.

    1. Oh Lynda, I am so sorry. I did not know.

      BJ, I know she misses you too, just like you do her. But I also believe that one day the two of you will be together again.

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