The Robins are Coming!

The robins came this week, signalling to us that spring has sprung, at least in the Florida panhandle.

They were everywhere! In the yard, the trees, and flying around in the  air.


It’s always a joyous occasion when the robins return. They aren’t here long, perhaps a day or two. And while here they are noisy, messy, and outrageous in their antics!

Not so easy to see the birds, but the mess they made is easy to spot!

And boy, do i love it.

The robins’ return signals a promise of warmer weather as well as renewed life in both plants and animals.

I’m happy I didn’t miss them this year. But it was a Thursday, and even though I am yet again overwhelmed at work, I chose to take my regularly scheduled day off and spend it taking care of me. So when I stepped out with the trash and saw them everywhere, I was very excited and had to just stand there and watch them.

Now they’ve moved on, perhaps to visit with you awhile. Left behind are berries all over the yard and a car in need of a bath. A small price to pay, I say.

Perhaps this year the robins are a signal to me of better things to come. I know I’m doing my part to make that happen. So we shall see.

20 thoughts on “The Robins are Coming!

  1. How exciting! There’s nothing like seeing the first robins and knowing spring is on it’s way. We hope they make it up here in the north soon!

  2. Good move to take time off to enjoy them. Whatever fills your heart with joy makes you stronger for another day of whatever life brings you. Your robins are headed up here to nest and feed in our area. Last evening Mimi sat outside at dusk and listened to their good night song in the trees. Happy spring!

  3. I didn’t know you guys even had Winter. I was down there once in February, and it was at least 60°. The woman working the counter in a mini-mart, was wearing a sweater. “Cold today – ain’t it?” she said, making conversation. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but break out laughing. “No,” I replied. “Cold is when your car door-handle breaks off in your hand.”

  4. Awwww…….lovely picture!!!! Me too! I love watching birds hanging around in our very small yard! We have Japanese bush warblers sometimes and the scenary makes the atmosphere relaxed…..peaceful…….. 🙂

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