There’s a Mouse in the House!


There’s a mouse in the house!

From where? I don’t care.

The evidence of his arrogance:

Footfalls on the ceiling,

A shelf containing tiny poo.

What’s a woman to do?


I worry not if mice are here.

My cat reports he enjoys the sport.

Cabinet doors are found ajar

as he hunts the little runts.

A mouse in my house? I have no fear.

Though the mouse? Oh dear!

He’ll soon wish he’d not chosen to live here.

Ya got that right, sister

Poem copyright by Jen (and June Buggie) 2016.

18 thoughts on “There’s a Mouse in the House!

  1. It reminds me that when one of my cats, Tora(Tiger) was outdoor cat, he often brought a nearly headless mouse at the door porch…..I felt so guilty to throw it away… sorry for the mouse….

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