Springing Forward!

Soon the time will change.


And my schedule with change.


Different time for walkies.

Different time for meals.

It’s all so confusing. Why do you humans keep doing this?


I don’t know.

Lucky for me, I’m a go-with-the-flow kinda dog. I will embrace the earlier walks that will bring with them the warmer days.

I will savor the air conditioning that will keep me cool.

And I will do my best to drag Jen along, though kicking and screaming she may be.

Come on, Jen. Get with the program!

16 thoughts on “Springing Forward!

  1. You’re not the only one confused by this, especially as a lot of my blog friends live in the US so share these kinda posts but we do it at a different time in the UK. last year I spent about a week beyond confused about what time it was!

  2. We don’t have ‘daylight saving time’ in Japan, so we’re always very interested in it….must be confusing…..

  3. OurGirl’s favorite day of the year is the one in Fall when we get the STOLEN HOUR back! During daylight savings time, she looks at the clock and announces what time it REALLY is.

    Here in California, there’s talk about not ever going on daylight time, like the state of Arizona. But then we’d be even more confused that we already are! Help!

  4. Arggh, not again. I need to take a lesson from Rumpy and go with the flow. But I find it disorienting to have our time disconnecting from nature all of a sudden. I’d much rather just watch the world spin with the seasons.

    Take a nap so you don’t miss that lost hour. 🙂

  5. We go with the flow, too, only…did you ever notice how one little “lost” hour makes you more sleepy?!

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