Cats Defeat Dogs in the Photography Department!

MEOW! June Buggie here.


It’s always chapped my ass that dogs seem to get more of everything in this world.

They have more money spent on them.

There are more medications available for dogs than cats.

There are dog parks, dog weddings, dog food out the butt.

But FINALLY it looks like us cats have beat the dogs in one key area.

Photos taken.

Yes, a company called MiMedia surveyed 1000 people and found that cat people take more photos of their cats than dog people of their dogs-over twice as many, actually. Dog people take on average 2 photos of their dog per day, whereas cat people take 4-5 cat photos daily.

Now I’ll be honest: I think their survey is a bunch of hooey. It claims that only 27% of cat owners are female, and we ALL know that ain’t true.

But I’ll take a win any way I can get it. So take that, you slobbery, yowling mutts! When it comes to photo sessions, CATS RULE!

Hey Jen, you’re not taking enough photos of me. 

25 thoughts on “Cats Defeat Dogs in the Photography Department!

  1. Can’t believe only 27% of cat owners are women. No wonder why people take more pictures of their cats. (purrr)

  2. Mmmmm…..I LOVE looking at your photos June Buggie…..even though I don’t take much pgotos of mine…..I don’t know why but probably I see them everyday, so I don’t need photos of them. Howvere about you, I can only see you on photos…..I wish I could see you, your gangs and Rumpy in real….*sniff*

  3. Dogs do get all the fun! I also take more pictures of my cats. Mostly because I catch them in the act more often!

  4. Look no further than a group like Blogpaws to know it’s all about the dogs. We’ve been making inroads because we refuse to stay silent any longer. Dogs drool; cats rule.

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