The Gift of Health, Courtesy of Rumpy and JB

Among the many gifts given me by Rumpy and June Buggie is the gift of health.

Because of Rumpy I get out and get moving each day.

Come on, Jen! Time for walkies!

June Buggie keeps me on a regular schedule with his insistence he be fed at the same time each morning.

And then there is the gift of mental and emotional health animals give.

If you are one of Rumpy’s Facebook fans, you know things did not go well the past couple of days. I was accused of doing something I had not done by an intern after having listened to two gossip-mongers spreading lies about me when instead they should have been working.

You know you are a good person, Jen, because I deserve only the best.

Through this experience I have learned many positive things. I have lots of supportive people in my life, both in person and online. I can handle hurt and disappointment without going into a rage, and without using something (food, shopping, caffeine, etc.) to shut down.

And, most importantly, I learned that coming home always feels safe and comforting because of Rumpy and JB. No matter how I felt, having them beside me assured me that I am and I will be OK.

The Universe has truly blessed me. 

32 thoughts on “The Gift of Health, Courtesy of Rumpy and JB

  1. Oh, grimace. (FB has too much drama for me. Sorry I’m not up to speed.) People can be a real pain – offices are a mine field especially to one who see it as a place to do what they were hired to do rather than a social event. Sigh.
    Yes, pets keep a world in balance and sane. Hang in there, kid. The world is better because of you.

  2. I enjoy this gift too… without Easy I wouldn’t walk around our village 3 times per day… and to be honest it would look weird to wander around without a pup… they probably would think I’m a spy :o)

  3. Living with senior pets keeps us on our toes too..hence the lack of blogging..meals and meds all varied keeps us mentally acute..walks are more gentle but still keep us fit..especially if a roo is spotted and the arms get a work out..and when people give us cause to want to scream they calm our nerves and lower our bp..:)

  4. When there’s a bunch of human drama going on, there’s nothing better than being able to go home and hug your dog and hold a purring cat. Sorry to hear your work peeps are being jerky. Glad to know your furbabies are a joy and a comfort.

  5. JB has it right. Your furkids have rated only the best. So sorry you have to deal with pathetic people who thrive on drama. You’re smart to keep them separate from the peace of your loving home. This too shall pass. Hang in there.

  6. I know the feeling of back-stabbing and gossip-mongering from coworkers who don’t have better things to do, Jen. I also know the feeling an animal gives you, when all else in the world seems to have gone to hell. I hope everything works out well.

  7. Great article! My pets keep me sane, happy and healthy (most of the time). Although after losing my boy of 10 years to IMHA on January 11, my heart is still trying to heal. Couldn’t imagine living without dogs and cats!

  8. Sorry, I’m behind with online reading. I’m so sorry you had to suffer at the hands of small minded work trolls. Know we’re here for you and wish you all the best. While it’s easy to say kind words online, knowing that Rumpy and JB are there in person to provide emotional support makes us feel better for you. Give those two fur-babies a hug and ear scratch for their great work. Hang in there, girl-keep smiling! ღ

  9. Jen, I totally agree with you….me too…..coming home make me safe and comforting because of my four kitties…… besides, reading your posts and looking at there lovely photos always comfort me so much…..of course I haven’t met you, Rumpy, Junior and gangs in person and I live far from US but I feel that I have someone who loves animals like me….which cheers me up a lot! 🙂

  10. It’s a pleasure to come home to a wagging tail and an eager and excited face after a hard time at work. Tilly instinctively knows when I’m down and comes to check if I’m okay. Stroking Tilly sometimes is the only thing that helps me, so I know where you’re coming from.

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