How a Curmudgeon Learns to Be Positive

She was a petite cream-color kitty with black facial markings and striking blue eyes.

I often noticed her seated in the upstairs window of the apartment building Rumpy and I passed by on our morning walks.

JB likes sitting in the window too, much like that kitty did. 

And then a week ago we spotted her outside. She was fearful of Rumpy, though he was across the street, and she ran. That’s not a good quality in an outdoor cat. The ferals all know to sit or stand still as we pass. Running from Rumpy causes the prey/predator instinct to kick in.

Later that evening I saw the cat in the street, and she stopped in fear of my headlamps.

After that night I never saw kitty stray from steps to her upstairs home.

So why was she suddenly being pushed outdoors, I wondered. Should I speak to the people? I watched to see if I could catch them outside. Then I saw the plants disappear from the balcony, and one, and then two cars leave.

They’re moving. Do they plan to abandon the cat?

And this is where I have to confess: I automatically thought the worst. I had sat as judge and jury on these strangers regarding a situation I knew nothing about.

Oh to be as positive as my dog. One day, maybe.

So the test for me was to think positive about this situation.

And I did. Each time I saw the cat, I reminded myself I didn’t know the whole story, and that the vast majority of us (well over 80%) do NOT abandon our pets. I knew that if kitty was abandoned, I’d call animal control. Until then, it’s not my place to get involved.

On Monday the family moved the rest of their belongings. I have not seen kitty since.

I guess now the negative part of my nature could think they dumped her, or sold her on Craigslist or any number of crazy things I can come up with.

Or I could choose to believe that no matter what happens to the family, all will be as it is supposed to be, without my interference.

18 thoughts on “How a Curmudgeon Learns to Be Positive

  1. I saw my own thoughts in yours today… I always try to think positive, that someone was there and brought the cat to their new home… but inside of me the dark thoughts lure and wait to come out…

  2. Unless I see proof, I always give the benefit of the doubt, as we say. Possibly the cat escaped unintentionally while they moved things out and the people were looking but couldn’t find her. That’s not unusual for lost cats to be right near home but hide when approached, even if sitting on their own front porch. Finally, they caught her, or found someone who did it for them, and packed her off to the new place. Let’s hope for that. Positive thoughts in the world are a good thing.

  3. Hoping that they’re decent folks and took that sweet kitty with them. Sorry to say that I would probably be thinking the worst also.

  4. I’m not so sure, Jen. I tend to think it’s good to have your eyes and ears open to the world. We all know there are those who do some pretty nasty things to each other, and their pets. Should this household have been about to abandon their little cat you would have been the heroine for it. I believe we must be open to the realities, without judgment, yes. Though, reality is reality, and we must be conscious of it without being ‘effected negatively’, which is, in itself, a challenge.

    1. And I feel I was, else I wouldn’t have noticed kitty in the first place. But I don’t feel I was right to make a judgement call without knowing the whole story.

  5. It is hard to not always look for people’s worst instincts. Especially when you work in a job trying to lessen the impact of people’s bad choices on their children.

    Glad you’re fighting the inner curmudgeon.

  6. You love animals and you’re a nurturer so i am not surprised that you worried about the cat. Let’s hope they did take her.

  7. After reading this post, I’m very worried the kitty, too……I can’t do anything to find out what happaened to her though…..just praying for her that they took her to their new place or found her a new owner…….keeping our fingers crossed……

  8. Maybe she just snuck out the one day, with the to-ing and fro-ing of a move? And they were so glad to find her again, and she was safe, and she now has a new window to look out of.

    I can hope.

    Now I just need to convince my neighbors that letting their cat out is a BAD IDEA.

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