An Ordinary Walk With my Dog

Now that the days are longer- and warmer- Rumpy and I take later evening walks.

I notice as we are out, so are the homeless cats, moving either to or from the neighborhood feeding station.


Last night Old Sam was walking down the sidewalk in front of our house. He stopped and sat as we passed by on the other side of the street, almost as if showing respect, then once we were by he was up and back on his way going wherever it is he goes.

Miss Kitty, the dilute tortie, was sitting on top of the roof of my house. She climbs a tree to get up there and can be found there from time to time, just taking in the scenery.

Here’s an older photo of Miss Kitty sitting on the roof of our house.

There’s a long-haired ginger who lives down the alley. He has a home but mostly stays outside. His favorite spot is lying on top of a small red car. Must be his owner’s car because no one ever tries to run him off.

There are several little black tuxedo cats who seem to move around. I’m never sure how many there are and only figured out there was more than one after paying attention to their markings.

Rumpy acknowledges their presence but he isn’t necessarily interested in approaching them. He will, however, insist on sniffing a spot where one of them has recently been.

There are other interesting things to see on our walks. For instance, I saw this lying on the ground near the street.

Hmmmm….. what’s the story behind this?

I wonder where it came from and what’s the story behind a torn $10. Were two people arguing over the bill, one tore the bill and the other threw it out the window? Did someone with delusions think there was a government implant inside the bill? Could it have been blown here from another state after a severe storm?

Who knows? But what fun imagining its’ origins.

Walks with Rumpy give me quality one on one time with him, but it gives me enrichment in other ways as well.

What are the best parts of your walks, either with a dog or without?


22 thoughts on “An Ordinary Walk With my Dog

  1. maybe the bill is the result of a broken relationship? it was common (maaaany moons ago) to wear a part of a bill in your wallet while your boyfriend had the other part :o) I love it to have Easy as my alibi to sniff around in my neighborhood :o) LOL

      1. yup… like once a girl wanted to go to the movies, but had no money… so she broke up with her boyfriend, got her money back and had a fabulous time with her bff and The Electric Horseman :o)

  2. I’m glad to know someone else uses an imagination when you walk your dogs. Why should their noses and minds have all the fun?

  3. My walks with Silver and Moon give me a chance to admire the creative snow plowing and the number of streets that no longer have a sign LOL. It also give me a chance to enjoy the chattering of the squirrels and the scolding of the blue jays. I live in a very quiet neighborhood with only a few neighbors living here year round. I have more nature than neighbors to enjoy on our walks that take us down to the lake and up “heart attack” hill.

  4. When I walk, it’s usually alone. Sometimes Charlie (my partner) comes with me. Charlie’s cats have been trained since kittens to walk with a lead, but then we restrict our walks to our property. I love to walk. It clears my head and takes my mind off of my physical pain. I love your blog!

  5. Sounds like you’re having a good time on your leave. I loved my walks with BJ because he walked slowly and I was able to look at the store windows.

  6. I have the laziest dogs imaginable. The hate to walk. I walk about 12 miles a day and listen to audiobooks during my walks. The dogs don’t let me sit quietly and read. Walking and listening is the only way to get through a book.

  7. The half-ten-dollar-bill is mysterious! My favorite part of walking around with Cupcake is all the attention she gets. She LOVES attention, and around the neighborhood, she’s like the pied piper with kids following her everywhere, and adults stopping to pet her and chit chat.

  8. Mother Nature intrigues us on our walks. Clearly smells are beyond fascinating, especially first thing in the morning when morning dew freshens up everything. That and the light, makes everything in the garden and along our route look incredible. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. So many interesting things on your walk with Rumpy! Love your sense of wonder and imagination!

  10. Me, too…I’m wondering what is the story of the tored $10….If the $10 are not damaged, we could buy a few tuna cans for those ferals……what a shame! “Oops!!” By the way, I’m so glad to hear Miss Kitty sounds good!
    Walking with Rumpy makes you realised how wonderful natures are! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Best things on a walk with Cee-Cee, my terrier mix, are like the ten dollar bill you saw, because, as you indicate in your caption of the greenery, one wonders just what is the back-story to that item. Who dropped it? What was he wearing. or carrying, when it fell — pocket jeans, a small purse, a jacket? How did it happen to fall? What’s he do for a living? Could he afford the loss of ten dollars, etc. …? The stuff of story writing…

    1. Yesterday on our walk I happened to see a bird trapped inside an apartment building. I was able to get inside and set him free, but also to wonder at how he got there and where he went upon release.

  12. You just never know what your walk will bring. Always fun to go out and see what’s going on in the world…and Molly wants to glare at any changes or new items along the way – she like things predictable. Today we almost go slammed into by a fast flying male cardinal on a mission…maybe the nest needed shoring up? Or the big blueJay that zoomed across in front of us first was trying to squat in their chosen nesting spot?

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