Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom!

Today is Mother’s Day and I am not available to celebrate with my mom. Instead I will be assessing if children are safe in their mother’s care.

me and mom

My mother raised 3 kids alone during a time when it was still taboo to be a single mother. She worked crappy jobs and put up with a lot of shit because she had more than just herself to think of, and child support could not be depended on.

My mom went back to school and got her bachelors degree in mid-life, and studied for a masters.

She helped care for her own mother who suffered from dementia, even though the dementia caused my grandmother to be vicious at times and my mom was most often the victim of her cruelty.

And today in retirement she does not sit still. She is preparing to launch her own blog. She cares for two older kitties, gardens and works on her home.

As kids we think our mothers are goddesses, then we become teens and we believe they are foolish. I believe we never fully grasp the sacrifice of motherhood until we are adults ourselves and faced with parenthood. I chose to not be a parent. I don’t think I could have done what my mother did.

Now that I know first-hand some of the unbelievable things mothers do to their children, I am even more amazed at my mom.

So while I am not there in person mom, I am there in spirit. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

And enjoy the toilet bowl light.


23 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to Jen’s mom, to Jen(you’re mother of Rumpy and gangs) and to all moms!
    Thank you very much for telling us about your wonderful mom! Very impressed! 🙂

  2. your mom is remarkable. i’m not sure i could done the same.
    hope you had a good day and knowing that you protecting children from some mothers.

  3. Your mom would want you to spend “her” day doing what needs to be done. Besides, you are there for her all the time – not just one day shoving flowers that will droop shortly. She’ll take it your way! ( and she must be proud of you….let us know about her blog)

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