Adventures Await Us!

When Rumpy and I walk, there are places he likes to go to check the latest pee-mails.

I smell you!!!!

But he also likes to check on his peeps of all species.

He has to walk up the alley behind our house to make sure all the surveyors came to work. They stand around outside before heading out for the day. In the evening we go and Rumpy sniffs around the area to see what they were up to.

And there is, of course, Bentley the Pitbull. Bentley always barked at us when we walked by, and the Rumpster  would leave a peemail across the street. But then Bentley wasn’t there, and Rumpy seemed forlorn as he hung around waiting for a sign from his friend. We learned last week that Bentley ate some yarn and it blocked his intestine, resulting in his need for surgery. Today, though, Rumpy kept hanging around across the street from where Bentley lives and was rewarded with barks and tail wags from his friend. Rumpy never barked back, but I could feel he was relieved to see Bentley again.

Soon this will all change. We are moving to Nashville, and Rumpy will no longer have sand to leave his paw prints in or Sam the one-eyed cat to whine at. There we will have new smells and new friends to check on.

It is bittersweet, because while this move is in our best interest, I feel guilty uprooting him and Buggie yet again.

Oh brother! Not again!

At any rate, if you don’t hear much from us in the next few weeks, don’t worry. We are here, just very busy as we plan our latest adventure.

Oh, and if you have a lead on a place to rent in the middle TN area, give me a holler!

45 thoughts on “Adventures Await Us!

  1. All Buggie and Rumpy want and need is to be with you…well, maybe a window to look out. YEA and paws up for all that waits to be explored. (We’ll concentrate on having a suitable place to live appear!) Take care and now off to wonder full. We’ll try to sit and stay patient for the first picture)

  2. I wish you all the best for the move and I’m sure your furfriends will like the new place… the main thing is they are with their beloved human… but I agree it is bittersweet to leave the place what was yours once…

    1. Because they are old and the process of moving is hard on them. We have been through this before and they both were upset. But I do as much as I can to comfort them so hopefully it will go as seamlessly as possible.

  3. Take heart..we will never be able to move our sheep again if we needed to..they unlike cats and dogs ( even older ones) stress terribly from a big took awhile to settle them even 5 years ago..a 3 hour trip to here was we are faced with the thought that if we had to move what do we do..dogs and cats do find change a bit stressy..but handled the right way adjust well..if you stay relatively relaxed then they will pick up on it..goodluck with the move 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am doing what I can to make this as stress-free as possible, but I know that moving them 8 hours away is going to be hard on them no matter what I do. But we moved down here, and we will move back. If all else fails, I will visit the vet and ask for puppy valium and kitty prozac.

      1. That is a big move..they will know the moment you start to pack which i think contributes to unsettling them..yep if needs be get them some meds..better that than a scared dog making a dash mid way on a toilet break…urghhh

      2. Yeah I used Benedryl on the move here and moved Rumpy and DeDe before the big day, boarding them with a vet until the move complete.

  4. Good luck with the move, Jen! We have our fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly, and be stress-free for you, Rumpy and June Buggie. Hugs to you all.

  5. I think I missed something? You’re moving? As long as it’s a great move for you Jen, they will be okay once you are in and have “your stuff”. It might be a little sad leaving the place you arrived at with DeDe. Best of luck finding a new home. X

  6. Good lucks with your move, Jen!!! I hope that you, Rumpy, June Buggie and gangs would get settled in your new place in Nashville! I’m sorry that Rumpy would might miss Bentley…and Sam cat….but our life has to go on…..You would have lots of lovely adventures in your new place, too! Please take care! Love from angel Kevin, mom and kitties.

  7. Congratulations on the new job, yet very sorry to read that you have lost Malachi.
    Life hands us so many challenges but moving while grieving the loss of a friend is a lot.
    You and your family will be in my thoughts.

  8. Here’s hoping your move has been successful and Nashville is a fabulous city – in fact Tenessee is one of our favorite states, we’ll be in Wears Valley for two weeks in July. Nicest people!

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