Update on June Buggie

It’s been two weeks since June Buggie was hurt.


For several days he remained confined to Rumpy’s crate that was converted into a makeshift hospital ward. There was room for a litter box, food, water, and a towel to lie on, but no room to move around, which was good because he didn’t need to be moving around.

After five days of confinement I set him free. The first thing he did was run up and down the stairs. I figured if he could do that he could take care of himself. He didn’t want to take his pain meds, but the steroids were liquid so I was able to get them down him fairly easily.

Despite his injury JB managed to escape every time I spruced up his room.

At first he limped. Then he put weight on his leg but his paw was turned upside down. The vet seemed hopeful that he was putting weight on his leg.

And at two weeks he walks with his paw upright. He is still not 100%, but he keeps getting better. At this point it seems he’s going to recover fully. I am relieved.

Rumpy is still getting used to the new digs. We walk each morning and most evenings.

The BFFs are together again. 

And me? I am glad to be back in Tennessee. Florida is a great place to visit, but I don’t want to live there again.

42 thoughts on “Update on June Buggie

  1. Very glad JB is doing much better, have been struggling with Mica’s back foot injury and she is doing better. Glad you made it back home to Tennessee.

  2. I’m relieved too, to hear that June Buggie is recovering! Hooray! Well done Super Cat June Buggie! Plus I’m glad that you and Rumpy seem to be happy being in Tenessee! 😘🐶🐱

  3. Glad to hear news that June Buggy is healing now and doing better, Happy to hear all is well in your new home XXX

  4. HOORAY! We’re so happy to read this good news about June Buggie! 🙂

    And glad you’re all settling in so nicely there in Tennessee.


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