A Letter to My Creepy Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

You weird me out.


I’m not sure what it is about you that bothers me the most.

Perhaps it’s the way you make a point of standing out in your yard watching me without being obvious about watching me whenever I’m outside. Sometimes it’s when I come home from work. Sometimes It’s when I’m out with Rumpy. Last week it was at 5:30 in the morning. I used to say hello to you. Sometimes you replied; most times you didn’t. I don’t even bother to speak to you anymore, though I have shot you a bird underhandedly a few times.

Maybe it’s the way you try to endear yourself to me. Like when you offered to spray the hell out of some weeds in my yard with high-powered pesticides. Or when you used your leaf blower at the front of my yard, though I think that was more to see what I was doing rather than be helpful.

Or maybe it’s the way you ran out to mow your yard yesterday once I began mowing mine. I guess the bandanna on your head and the sunglasses was to make you look cool. I was not impressed. I’m sure your wife wasn’t either when she drove up and saw you out there. She sure didn’t LOOK happy.

But I think it was probably when I moved my car to the side of the house to wash it in an area where you couldn’t see me, so you got in your truck and drove around the block so you could see what I was doing, that made me cringe.

Some of my readers will say I am imagining all this. Besides, why would a married man blatantly stalk his neighbor right under his wife’s nose?

Let me be perfectly clear when I say you have nothing I want, and I have done nothing to make you think otherwise.

So cut the stalking behaviors, asshole. I’m onto you, and I’m not going to just take your crap.

43 thoughts on “A Letter to My Creepy Neighbor

      1. I would contact the police in person and put it on record that you are concerned about this guy even though he has done nothing specific yet so that in the event he does something specific there is a record and the police will be able to better intervene.

    1. No it’s not. That’s why I’m writing about it. One of the reasons assholes like this get away with what they do is the silence. I’m not going to be silent.

  1. I am with you even the house creeps me out. I would install security so tight that an ant would set it off and heaven help him if he decides he wants to do more than stalk you. Be careful Girlfriend he ain’t all there at least you have Rumpy to watch over you.

  2. Oh, I don’t have any trouble believing you. We were harassed for years by one of our neighbors and then in the end, by others too. We had to move, but not before it was more or less too late. They had cost us so much I can’t bear to think about it even now. Our lives will never be the same. So follow your friends’ advice and if nothing else helps, you might want to consider moving. Take care.

  3. There are always creeps in this world. Hate that you might have to move. That makes him win. I think asking the police for their advice might be a good idea. The sad thing is the wife will blame YOU!!!

  4. oh wow, that is crazy to drive around in a truck just to observe you while washing your car…. maybe the neighbor thought you will wash you car the same way like cameron diaz in bad teacher? but honestly that is scary to feel stalked by this guy….

  5. I’d report it as other readers suggest before it gets out of hand. Last thing you want is for him to start something, Rumpy protects you and he reports that! I thought it bad enough when our neighbour stood on a box to look over the fence to see what we were up to!

  6. Yesterday husband and I had a nice bike ride and set up “camp” (ie sandwiches) in a church garden. A man came around just to see what we were up to, no other reason, he made a pretence of looking at the foliage and didn’t speak but it was obvious he was purely there to check us out on God’s Holy Land. I cannot imagine having this sort of malarky around the clock with a neighbour. It is difficult for you when they are not exactly committing a crime.

  7. That’s creepy. Ditto on the documentation/(with pictures?) and letting as many people know as possible just in case (Have dealt with stalkers that became dangerous).
    Not sure of his age, but that’s really not the issue
    I’d certainly wouldn’t delay having a chat with the wife. (and judge her reaction)
    Keep an eye on your animals. From experience, if they can ‘t get to you or get angry.

  8. Creeps-ville indeed. Yeah, I like the idea of deliberating taking photos of him so he knows you are watching him watching you. Maybe that’ll send him back to the shadows from where this creep-azoid came. Good luck.

    1. I got security cameras, but not that brand. As for the neighbor, he must be stalking me online because since I posted that to my blog he’s made himself scarce. Let’s hope it stays that way.

      1. Holy crap Batman….now your neighbor went to virtual stalking! Yikes! Perhaps the pen is mightier than the sword, or in your case, YOUR KEYBOARD is mightier than your creepy neighbor! Watch out Creep, us bloggers mean business and know how to write up a scathing post about you! All in all though, glad to hear that you got the security cams – – – better safe than sorry later! Stay well my friend!

  9. Lady Jenn wee BEELIEVE you toe-tally!!! There iss a creepy man inn our building who caused LadyMum a lot of trubble a few months ago. hee was off medss an threatened to hert her an stalked her. An even now (back frum Hospital) hee is stalking her/us again! Mee wunderss what makes sum people so not nice inn this werld. Pleeze bee carefull when you are outside…
    Mee finkss Rumpy should bee with you at all timess; lookin furoshuss!!!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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