Going Vegan

I recently had my cholesterol tested. Though still healthy, the LDL number has creeped up, and it was recommended I start now to make changes to keep those levels from creeping higher.

This is a big deal, because there’s a significant history of heart disease on both sides of my family.

So I’ve ramped up my exercise routine. I make an effort to get in at least 30 minutes a day on work days. My goal, however, is an hour per day. This includes a variety of activities including yoga, walking, elliptical and line dancing. Yes, they offer line dancing activities at work and I go every day I’m in the office. Weekend exercise is housework. Otherwise I take those days off.

I’ve also decided to go back to vegan eating.

from vegan.org

I’ve been moving in this direction for two weeks now as I clear out the house of animal-based food products, but I was struggling with the idea of giving up cheese and coffee creamer. But Silk coffee creamer is stepping up to the plate, and the cheese simply has to go. Besides, Daiya melts great and will get me by when I must have pizza.

If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, you know I practiced veganism five years ago, but gave it up because I became so fanatical I drove myself and everyone around me crazy.


Now I’m going to try it again. I vow to not be the crazy fanatic I was before. If you find me creeping in that direction, I humbly ask for your gentle reminders to cut it out. That means I won’t be researching sugars to see which is bleached with animal bones and which is not, or if my shoes are made with glue not made of animal products.

This is more the Bill Clinton approach to veganism. My win-win approach is good for animals, the environment, and my health.


No animals living in this household will be held to the same standard. There are vegan options out there for dogs, but the food is very expensive and I’ve not seen enough information to convince me vegan dog food is a good idea. Cats, I believe, should NEVER be forced to eat a vegan diet.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go, especially the cholesterol numbers.



122 thoughts on “Going Vegan

  1. I wish you the best. I know going vegan can be an excellent idea, especially for those with health concerns. If you avoid things like vegan toaster pastries, it can really help clean out a toxic system. My son recently announced he is going to try going vegan, or maybe he said vegetarian, either way it will be good for him since he is overweight and was diagnosed a year ago with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

    I still eat meat, but much less than I did years ago and usually only for dinner, rarely for breakfast or lunch. I don’t think I could be vigilant enough to obtain all the nutrients I need as a vegan.

  2. You are absolutely correct about cats not being forced to eat vegan. They are obligate carnivores. I don’t think I need to tell you what that means. 😉

    Good luck!

    Debby (Cat Staff)

  3. That is a good decision, for you and animals. We have been vegetarians more than twenty years. The reason is that no animal has to be born just for killing. These animals are badly treated, the biggest profit by minimum costs.

  4. Welcome [back] to the club! Minor ‘concessions’ [which minimize as the market offers more and more delicious alternatives] are sweet to make once you think that you just saved one animal… Coffee and cheese were also the hardest part for me but my soy milk [provamel with calcium – after a long period of trying various brands] does the job well and also we’re lucky to have a greek company that does all [and I mean ALL!!!] types of cheese, so that’s covered too! 😉 Take care of your health and happy healthy eating. You’ll get your LDL down in no time. 🙂

  5. Good luck with the new eating plan. I don’t believe I could adapt to a vegan lifestyle. But I know that no animal should be forced into a similar diet regimen. My dog is a carnivore, as all dogs are!

  6. Good luck. I will eat a little extra cheese to make up for the cheese you’re missing, because that’s just how I roll. You’re smart to leave the pets out of it. Vegan pets and kids scare me a little.

  7. I walk over 80 miles a week. I don’t eat meat. My diet is mostly vegetarian. I weight less than I did in elementary school. My cholesterol is not good at all. I have decided not to drive myself crazy. It must be genetic. I refuse to take statins. Good luck to you in your quest for lower numbers.

      1. If I sit, my hip hurts me. If I walk, I am fine and pain free.I got my Fitbit in the beginning of December 2015. I have almost 6,000,000 steps racked up. All of them make me feel better.

  8. A while ago the Mr. said “these veggie links are good fried in butter.” He only did it once 🙂
    Veggie links are pretty good though, and there is a great chocolate pudding recipe using soft tofu that is awesome! Tofu “scrambled eggs” are pretty good too. Now you have me motivated to switch out more food, thanks!
    Still getting mozzarella sticks for the dogs though.

  9. Good luck! Several years ago when my gall bladder was bad I started eliminating foods that made me hurt. I got down to just dry lettuce (which is hard to live on) my cholesterol didn’t go down at all. I don’t eat a lot of food anyway. Hope your new choice makes you feel good and get your numbers down.

  10. Fruits and veggies and non processed food is always a winner. Moderation is good, too. Find what works for your body. (If I don’t eat some lean meat, fish, or eggs 2-3 times a week, I my immune system goes down and I get sick. I have done the vegetarian thing a couple of times in my life.) RIght now my “good” cholesterol is beating the crap out of the bad ones, so work to keep those high.
    I suspect we’d all be much better if we lived on the fresh farm diet of years past – and outdoor exercise (previously known as “work”). Our bodies are adjusting to modern life and they are trying to figure out the best diet for that.
    Just FYI, check the labels on mild substitutes/almond drinks as some are high in sugar and stuff/chemical additives you can’t pronounce. I was surprised. A few years back there was an about face on the egg yolks which are now promote “good” cholesterol and are loaded with vitamins (E, D + ?) and trace minerals. So now my doc says to eat complete eggs a coule of times a week.
    How the heck are people supposed to know what to do when they keep changing the recommendations? (Not to mention each individual has a completely unique body chemical make up)
    I know you’ll be successful as you have a great deal of common sense and determination. Go for it! (and paw waves to the pets!)

  11. Good for you, Jen! We are glad you’re making such healthy decisions and resolutions, ’cause we love you and want you around for a long time! 🙂

  12. This is awesome! I actually helped my mom with her cholesterol by being vegan and it dropped lower than it had been in years in a month! 🙂 I have a blog as well. https://cecemisty.wordpress.com/

    I’m still really new to all of this blogging, but I’m definitely excited to help others. Going to start posting vegan food today!

  13. Very interesting blog post for me because I got the result of my anual health check-up last week and the number of LDL cholesterol wa high, too…..it surprised me because I don’t eat fatyy food a lot and my BMI is still under average….but my cholesterol is much higher….I think that I need some exercise like you do and have to think of what I shoud eat……

  14. Good luck!! & Daiya cheese is amazing!!! So is nozorella it’s made for pizzas 🙂

  15. I just decided to go back to being vegan as well, congrats to you! It’s the only right choice. I’ve been vegetarian for years (and sometimes vegan) but now I realized how much more important my health and the animals are than eating cheese.

      1. Luckily I drink my coffee black. Have you tried almond milk or even coconut milk? (which is apparently what Starbucks is using and I’m in Thailand right now, they always put coconut milk in)

      2. I’m going to try straight coconut milk, and I found a blog post recommending a product I can buy from Amazon. I just don’t want all the added sugar in much of the processed stuff.

  16. I think your approach is great, your rules and do what works for you, I deffo will be, I’m starting to become vegan this week for the very first time, I’ve made a few changes already but going for the big swap over the next couple of days, good luck, check out my first blog ☺️

  17. I completely agree about dogs and cats not being vegan or veggie. I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years (I’m 25 years old and born veggie) and certainly think you’ll find being vegan amazing for you like you say and it will help you! Good luck xxx

    1. Actually with all the choices of vegan cheese products out there, one really doesn’t “give up” cheese, do they? Though once I stopped eating dairy, my desire for cheese plummeted,

  18. Good job and good luck, being vegan does wonders for you health! We think you’d like our blog too. We’re basically aiming to raise awareness of the ethical and environmental issues concerned with animal agriculture. Not only does being vegan benefit our health but it if you think about it it benefits everything around us. If you have a moment check us out at misteaken.wordpress.com and let us know what you think!

  19. Being Vegan is such a massive change, but its not only incredibly beneficial for health but the planet love it too!

  20. You’ve got this! If you need any help with the transition, I’ll gladly give advice. I’ve been an animal advocate and eaten a vegan diet for nearly two years. Thank you for helping save our planet, the lives of animals, and yourself. We’re all cheering for you

  21. About to try the same-ish (much more gradual). Good luck!

    1. I have been mostly vegan for a couple months now. I say mostly because I don’t spazz out if I’m eating out with friends or family about a bit of butter or egg in a dish, though I do try to avoid those things. Hang in there! It’s great!

  22. Good for you! Last year my hubby found out he had really high cholesterol, so we cut out dairy and most meat. Now, a year later, I am going fully vegan after everything I’ve learned about animal welfare! So far so good, although like you , I tried once before and ‘fell off the wagon’ so I’m hoping that by being a LITTLE flexible, it will be more sustainable this time around 🙂

  23. This is quite similar to how I feel about veganism 🙂 There is a point where we have to draw the line for ourselves, one a personal level. We are still making a change and trying our best!! 🙂 Best of luck!

  24. I’m thinking of once again trying a vegan lifestyle (mainly for health-I have tonget my gallbladder removed and I’m wanting to make some dietary changes moving forward). But, I have tried it before and I too became so fanatical that I drove myself and friends/family crazy so crazy that I ended up quitting my veganism…hopefully not this time. Good luck to you! 🙂

    1. It has been easier this time, though, to be honest, there is always going to be somewhat of a struggle when one does not engage in lifestyle choices that match those around one. I live in the southeastern US and the idea of someone not eating meat is foreign and frightening. I dare not say I’m vegan for fear they’ll shoot me on sight!

      1. I was born in Florida and I spent my life living all along the east coast of the US so I totally get what you mean and the shooting comment is spot on, lol(I now live in Canada)

  25. Yay! I’m so happy that you are going back to being vegan, this is definitely the best thing you can do for your health 🙂

  26. I’ve wanted to transition to veganism for over 2 years now, but every time I try I end up just eating salads every day for a month and get burnt out (and always hungry)… how do you find variety???

    1. To me today the fanatic I was then sounds as annoying as a fundamentalist preacher. Who’s going to be encouraged to go vegan if I’m acting like that?

  27. Hello friend, Reducing your processed sugars and diary / meat will have the biggest impact on your cholesterol. Dont forget to be eating those good fats to get everything running normal again, The best sources of fats are Seeds, Nuts avocados things like that 🙂 You can get some rare violatile omegas from making things like thyme tea 🙂

    Glad your on the road to recover keep up the good work youll feel amazing!

    Andy – Natural Health

  28. Good read! It sounds like you’ve got a great plan for yourself. With your experience from 5 years ago, you can go back into veganism with more experience and live a much happier and healthier lifestyle. Best of luck friend!

  29. I’m trying to go vegetarian for a month. I still include little eggs and dairy in my diet just to get a more balanced nutrients. good luck with your vegan journey!

    1. My vegan journey is going fantastic! I just had my cholesterol checked and I’ve lowered it 25 points in a mere 7 months through regular exercise and a vegan diet. Totally worth all the shit the meat eaters try to dish out. But I won’t rub it in… maybe.

  30. I did the Happy Pear Happy Heart course in January… learned so much. I didn’t miss meat at all! Although if I feel like it I will eat but that is rare. Have you heard of The Happy Pear.. fab recipes! My youngest is converted to their homemade ketchup! Happy days!

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  32. Congratulations! Good luck! I’m excited to see any tips you have! I live in the Midwest and not eating meat is looked at like a sin almost. 😉 I have gotten off of the medications I was on by not eating dairy and meat. I feel great and you will too! 🥗

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