June Buggie and Me: #PurrfectTogether

(This post is sponsored by Meow Mix Bistros)

This was created using the Meowsterpieces app. 


June Buggie is not an easy cat to love. In that respect, we are perfect for each other. We are both rather crotchety as we age together.

Junior (that’s his given name) and Bubba came to live with me around 15 years ago after a co-worker rescued the two babies on the campus where I worked. I thought it was longer than that but I recently found a photo of them as kittens that I had been smart enough to write the date on, so there.

From the start, June Buggie was a fusser. And as he has gotten older and especially since having developed hyperthyroidism, he has become even more ornery.

But he has been good for me, as all cats are good for humans.

Did you know that a cat’s purr can actually help increase bone density? Yes, that’s why older women should always have a cat around. (and you called us crazy! pffftttt!!!!!!)

Having a cat around can also reduce blood pressure.

Oh, and persons who live with cats are less likely to be depressed.

So for the one who does so much for you,what do you do for them in return?

You feed them well. 

new Meow Mix Bistos, made with real chicken

I was given a gift package that included a free bag of Meow Mix Bistros in return for this blog post. And while my gang don’t seem to care for it, it is a complete and balanced recipe with all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs.

Want to try Bistros? You can get a coupon good for $2.50 off a bag and create your own meowsterpiece by using this link: Meowsterpiece.  Just be sure to use a small photo. The app does not resize and my first attempt gave me a great meowsterpiece of a foot.

(I was compensated for this post by Meow Mix, though my words are my own)


16 thoughts on “June Buggie and Me: #PurrfectTogether

  1. Bone density?? Really??? I need a cat. Cupcake is doing NOTHING over here, except draining my energy. Well, that and making me laugh, cuddling with me, keeping me active, and working as a therapy pet team with me.

    Love and licks,

  2. Wow! We have four cats here so we, three old women in our house would stay healthy!!! Hmmm…. we would love to feed Meow Mix to our cats but we don’t think that at the moment, we have it in Japan….but many high quality animal foods are imported from US these days so hopefuly Meow Mix would be here soon!

  3. I had to chuckle…no laugh out loud at the comment Cats; lower BP> My Doctor says since I adopted Purrince Siddhartha Henry my BP went up!!! He is a ‘paw full’ but I adore him….
    He is finally starting to snuggle with me after 21 months of being here…what a cat!
    thanks for a great blog; cheered me right up!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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