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We have a new vet!

I’m happy to have found a vet clinic that meets the needs of my family. They’re friendly, caring folks and knowledgeable. I am relieved.

June Buggie treated the staff well, which is always a good sign.
This past Saturday June Buggie gave them a try. He had an annual exam and vaccinations to include blood work to test his thyroid level. He did well, according to the clinic staff, and no one came away with injuries. The blood is being sent out for testing so I will have results later this week.


Now let’s talk about litter. And let me start by saying I was NOT asked to write this and am NOT being compensated in any way by anyone for this review.

In my never-ending search for the ideal cat litter, I have found a product I love. I actually bought this as one of the lightning deal thingies on Amazon. I thought, hey, for the price, it’s worth giving it a try.

I bought this on
If only the cats thought so.

Okocat is litter made from wood shavings. It clumps, is flushable, and lasts longer than clay litter. Oh, and is MUCH lighter. This large box weighs 18 pounds, and does the same as a 30+ container of regular clay litter.

There’s no dust. The granules are easy to see, so easy to sweep up. And it’s reclaimed wood, so it’s not like they’re cutting down trees just to make litter for my cats.

It has a nice texture, and no worries about splinters in little paws.

But the cats are not warming up to Okocat like I’d hoped.

I started out with Okocat in one litter box, and have moved up to two. They are slowly coming around, but the clay is still used far more often. Oh well, I’m not giving up yet.

In fact, the only thing I don’t like about Okocat (except for the fact the cats haven’t warmed up to it, of course) is that I have to order it online. KMart sells it locally, but there’s no store convenient to work and no stores in the area where I live. And, well, I have Amazon prime so why drive out of my way when I don’t have to?

Here’s a side-by-side visual comparison of Okocat to clay litter. 
But I would prefer to use a product I can buy locally.

Oh well, can’t have everything, can you?



14 thoughts on “Cat Stuff

  1. That litter is interesting. We have used very expensive micro litter, bought from a special shop. And after the cat has used it, we have those micro granules all over the room. They come in the cat’s paws, in our feet when we are cleaning the box, and these granules obey only the vacuum cleaner.
    I try to find it here somewhere and try it.
    Thank you for sharing this important news.
    Kosmo’s mom

  2. June Buggie is so cute! 🙂

    Our local cattery uses the wood shaving litter, which I also think is a better option. Our cat hates any kind of cat litter though – prefers the flowerbeds outside, and will only use her litter tray if it is very wet outside.

      1. It’s supposed to be Spring. Last week it rained a lot, the last 2 days felt like mid-summer. Have recently returned to blogging. Am planning some Rosie the Bear soon. She recently protected me from a guy who broke into our house, so that deserves a post.

    1. Let’s hope my crew will. While I can lift the heavy clay litter, it can be a struggle sometimes, especially upstairs. And the “light” litters make such a mess!

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