All Things Cat

Cats are in the news this weekend. 

First, Bubba Cat had his turn at the vet, and his bloodwork results were upsetting. He, too, has hyperthyroidism. To be honest, I hadn’t considered hyperthyroidism with Bubba because he hasn’t been as ravenous as Junior was when first diagnosed. But he does show other symptoms, such as weight loss and soft stool.

He’s also showing signs of early renal failure. I am trying him on a low dose of Methimazole for a couple of weeks to see what effect that has on both his thyroid and his kidneys. From there we’ll discuss further treatment options. But it’s not looking good for our sweet boy.

Sweet Bubba after he deaded the makeup brush.

So yesterday I went to the Old Time Fiddlers Convention at Athens State University. Heard lots of great area talent, watched some amazing buck dancing (including from a 93 year old woman), and had an awesome hummus wrap (yes, I did find a vegan food choice there!).

I also found this.

acrylic by Chris Bussler (


Mrs. Bussler is a self-taught artist who seriously engaged in her craft after retiring from the military. What got me was the eyes. Amazing.

Mrs. Bussler called this piece Pumpkin Spice, but I am calling him Bubba. One of today’s tasks is to find the right place to hang him.

And then we have pussies.


Not to make light of what happened, but I haven’t heard the word used in regular conversation since Are You Being Served

Can’t believe this presidential campaign. And as we still have a month to go, it has the potential to get much worse. Politico posted the results of post-pussy polling which finds Trump supporters are OK with having yet another sexual predator in the White House. Scary.

Can’t wait to see what happens tonight. I suggest all who watch keep an antacid handy.

14 thoughts on “All Things Cat

  1. Sorry to hear that Bubba has hyperthyroidism. But we are glad it’s something that can be treated. Watching the town hall thing now … I definitely need an antacid.

  2. I’m very sorry and sad to hear about Bubba…..but June Buggie looks fine having regular treatment for his hyperthyroidism, he doen’t have renal failure though…..I hope that Bubba’s illness will be well controlled. Big hugs and prayers from Japan.

  3. Oh dear, hope you manage to stabilise Bubba. Mrs Slocombe – now that is a blast from the past! First thing we do every morning is to look on the internet for the latest from Trump to see if he’s outdone himself again…

  4. Mee-you mee iss so worried about Bubba Kat an me eiss sendin him POTP all day an nite!!
    An thee paintin Lady Jen iss furabuluss!! It lookss JUST LIKE yur Bubba!!!!!
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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