Healing Energy Coming Right Up!


A couple of days ago, two young women walked by me. They were chatting amiably and laughing, as good friends do. Suddenly I felt a rush of energy pass right through me.

I smiled. It felt so good.

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In these days where there is such anger and animosity, it’s refreshing to see people who are happy. Positive energy has the power to heal me of stress and anxiety, anger, even mild depression. Sadly, it’s not always easy to find a source of that powerful elixir.

I started thinking about where I find those wells to drink from.

A group of women get together at work and line dance most mornings as a health and wellness activity. I go when I’m able. Yesterday I went, and got a mega-blast from being in a room full of women taking care of themselves and having fun while doing so.

Our monthly salad club met at work yesterday. It’s a potluck salad luncheon. I had a delicious, healthy lunch and scooped up a heaping helping of positivity from the men and women there.

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Kids are an amazing source of positivity. When I am out shopping, I invariably find a child who will make eye contact with me and smile. What a gift those children bring!

I can always choose to bathe myself in positive energy from my furry family.

Notice I said choose. Accepting positive energy from others is a choice. When someone smiles at me they are offering a booster shot of happiness. I have to accept the gift for it to do me any good.

I am very much invested in the outcome of this election. I am dismayed by the outright bigotry and gender bias I’ve seen and heard throughout the campaign. I am not fool enough to think it’s going to end in one month, regardless of who wins. We have opened up Pandora’s box, and these hateful demons cannot be forced back inside. They must be destroyed with kindness and love.

I will not let others bring me down with their intense hatred. I am going to open myself up to all the healing energy the world has to offer me.

And smile when I tell those hate mongers to piss off.  


24 thoughts on “Healing Energy Coming Right Up!

  1. There is more positivity from this post than I’ve heard from you in a while. It sounds like your new job is working (at least there is good stuff going on). You are right about it all. I have stopped spending time with whiners. I blame it on the advent of reality TV which rewards trash talk. We are encouraging our kids to say and do things that aren’t nice. Flip on the TV and those same comments get a lot of laughs. I can’t even talk about the election because it takes me down a rabbit hole of negativity. My cats give me a lot of positivity as does nature. It’s the simple things. Great post Jen.

  2. So glad you had such a good week, Jen!

    As we near the election, I must say that I am grateful that all this dirt is coming out. It’s like bursting a boil that’s been causing pain and distress for a very, very long time. Although the pus coming out is disgusting and nauseating, it’s also out and now we can address it openly and clean it.

    Sexual aggression. Sexual abuse. Uninvited and unwanted contact. No ONE is entitled to impose themselves on another in such a fashion. No ONE deserves such treatment.

    Have a wonderful weekend! 😉 xoM

    1. I am as well. It’s also good to remind women they are not alone in this and there is lots of support out there. I only wish more women were supportive of other women.

      1. I agree. I am totally flumoxed by female supporters of the GOP candidate who continue to support him, even while acknowledging the harmful behavior. I’m grieved by the evidence of the level of abuse and desensitization we have suffered as a society that this is so. 😉 xoM

      2. I have family who are some of those supporters, including female family members. When you’ve been led to believe that women are inferior to men, you accept that he’s the better candidate because “at least he’s not a woman.” They infuriate me, but then I remind myself they must not like themselves much either if that’s how they feel about women.

  3. Hello Jen *wavy* You have resored my viewpoint re humanity …. There can be positivity if we just let it all go sometimes all the negetivity and just be positive and have positive thinking:-) !!

    1. What did Jesus say? “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Look for your own well, and you will find it.

  4. You’re right. It’s always a choice about what to absorb from the universe and what to ignore. It’s also a choice what we put out there. Slapping a smile on and seeking that eye contact can change the whole feel of the day. 🙂

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