The People Have Spoken

Congratulations to President-elect Trump.

God help us all.


37 thoughts on “The People Have Spoken

      1. oh Rumpstar, I can’t believe it. This is not going to be good. The Economist is predicting the worst and they are pretty darn reliable…

  1. Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams has ordered the hearing for 16 December in a New York court. She has asked for both sides to provide information to assist the Court in advancing the case to settlement or trial.

    that is about Trump’s child rape trial….

    there is hope for us yet.

  2. Pandora’s box has been opened..watched all day as America kicked itself into a hole seemingly oblivious to the utter crap that is about to unfold…even our pollies are trying tactfully to appease us that all will be ok..the fact our Prime Minister has to even appease us over this rings alarm bells..usually we get a much different are not alone..we are all going to be in this..dragged kicking and screaming…

  3. God has answered our prayers he indeed helped us

    Hillary Clinton would have turned America into a Socialist Country under Globalist rule

    Hillary Clinton has accomplished nothing in her life has created no jobs and was a failed NY Senator who promised jobs to Upstate NY but delivered not one

    Fact Check
    George Soros Hillary Clinton’s top money man

    Fact Check
    Senator Robert Byrd Hillary Clinton’s mentor

    This will give you insight to why America rejected Hillary Clinton

    It’s about time America comes 1st 󾓦

  4. While I cannot remember the context in which the comment came up, the words were, “headed towards extinction.”
    No species can treat fellow species the way homo sapiens have and still expect to survive, let alone come out on top. If there is an individual who could be hand-picked to usher in our extinction? Well, I believe that we’ve found him.

      1. Very much so. And I’ve got to ask you–doesn’t this man, while he offends so many, seem to epitomize the infatuation with the self that has propelled the human condition to this point in all of its political struggles (“politics” trans. as the science of power?. Whether it’s a Syrian family pushing through friends to get refuge, or a mother selling her son to feed her remaining six children, or the man throwing his neighbor aside to grab the food from the relief truck, or the kid who kills the convenience store clerk because his brother needs the money, or, the nation that wants to be “great again,”–on an individual and collective level, we are ALL capable of doing things that we either swear we wouldn’t do or would never do again. I’ve never known it to be any different in my tiny little corner of the world–even in my own soul, I have found myself an adept ‘bully.’ Cynical as it sounds, the President-elect is nothing more than a bully amongst bullies, myself included. I am amazed at people who use what we’ve done to ourselves as nothing less than “proof” that there is no God. No Allah. There is, afterall, the potential in each of us to say, “Here, you take it. You need it more than I do.”

  5. Trump will be the first president in over a century with no prior political or military experience. He’s also the first who’s on his third marriage and (I believe) the first who’s currently in the midst of litigation. He’s still being sued by former students of his so-called Trump University. Protests against Trump have erupted all over the country now.

    He’s a true outsider, but not in a good way. This entire mess leaves me even more discouraged about the U.S. election process and concerned overall for the welfare of our nation. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a candidate run such a hate-filled campaign.

    That mission to Mars is looking better and better.

  6. OMG !! The First Line you say ‘Congrats’, the next line you say “God Help Us”. Exactly like everyone else is thinking. Really Funny. Internet and WhatsApp is going crazy with messages on the President !!

  7. Because Mrs. Clinton actually won the popular vote, contrary to Paul Ryan’s comments, there is no Trump mandate. For those of us who supported her candidacy, we must hold ALL elected officials accountable for whatever happens now. Sure we all have campaign fatigue, but now we must voice together how we expect these people to govern, not just by fiat. Let the ‘resistance’ begin so that in 2 years, a different set of legislators will serve the majority, not just the well-heeled or well-connected. Our moral obligations as citizens, depend on it, or we will slide further into decline.

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