The Polar Bear is Replaced by a Tiger

Today the polar bear was gone.

Hello, photo by David Yarrow. 

I knew eventually the museum would change the main installation, but still, to not see him there was shocking.

But he has other eyes to open, so on he goes to his next stop on his journey while I continue mine.


Yesterday I enjoyed a free lunchtime guided meditation at the downtown Nashville library. I love how Lisa Ernst, meditation teacher and founder of One Dharma Nashville, began the session by telling us meditation will not get you what you want; but it will tell you where you are. Despite my not having done formal meditation for several years, I was able to glean a nugget of truth about myself during the session, and it spurred me to use this tool more regularly. By the way, Nashville libraries offer yoga and meditation monthly, along with lots of other cool stuff. If you live in the area, check out the calendar on their website! 

Today someone at work asked me how I always seem to be happy. Oh if only they knew how I was before coming back to Tennessee. It’s hard work healing both my body and my mind, but I have stuck to it. Now that I’m starting to see some of the results of all that hard work, it feels good.

And speaking of feeling good, there are some big cats that really need your help. So instead of giving useless gifts to people who will turn around and give them back to you next year, how about making a donation to Big Cat Rescue or one of the other REPUTABLE big cat sanctuaries in that person’s name instead?

Let me tell you why your money is desperately needed right now. 

Just some of the over 100 big cats from Serenity Springs. And look at all those white cats. Must I remind you that white tigers are a genetic defect and not natural? That means those cats were inbred specifically for a white coat. 

So there was this so-called sanctuary in Colorado called Serenity Springs. I say so-called because no reputable sanctuary breeds the big cats as Serenity Springs did. They sold an “experience” holding a baby tiger that might have been the best thing that ever happened to the human, but was a living hell for that baby tiger and the money brought in ensured Serenity would continue to torture babies.

Serenity Springs was cited last year by USDA for, among other things, improper veterinarian care for animals, poorly maintained cages, and improper handling of infant tigers. The infractions were first noted in 2013 but owners Nick and Julie Sculac did not make the necessary changes (according to a June 2015 article at The Sculacs in turn threatened to sue the USDA for violating their 4th Amendment rights.

This year the Sculacs decided to sell the sanctuary and Arkansas-based Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge took them up on the offer. Now, the Sculacs continue to receive (and keep) donations coming in that are SUPPOSED to go to the care of the big cats… and there are over 100 of them…in Colorado… without adequate housing… and it’s almost winter (from an article published 10/24/16 at

This is Pandora in her Colorado home. Depressing, isn’t it? And no shelter for the coming winter. (photo from Turpentine Creek web site)

Turpentine Creek is working with other reputable sanctuaries to move some of the tigers with the greatest needs out of Serenity Springs, then prepare the refuge so the other cats can ride out the winter safely.

I first heard of this today when Big Cat Rescue of Tampa sent out an email asking for donations; they’re taking in 5 of the big cats.

We are talking about over 100 lions, tigers, cougars and panthers who need food, shelter, veterinary care and reinforced fencing so the rest of us can be safe. And these sanctuaries just took on the task of caring for these big cats with no extra funding coming in. These big cats need to be spayed/neutered, some have health problems including dental problems, and three of the baby tigers have a bone deficiency so severe they cannot walk.  

So you see, your relative can live without an ugly sweater this year. Instead, let them know a donation was made in their name to Big Cat Rescue, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, In-Sync Exotics, Carolina Tiger Rescue, or Tigers in America. There may be others involved; these are the ones I found during a quick online search.

Or, if you simply must give them something, shop one of the rescue’s gift shops. Big Cat Rescue has some awesome hoodies! 


9 thoughts on “The Polar Bear is Replaced by a Tiger

    1. I have too, and I know that they will give the cats they take in a good life for whatever life they have left. And if BCR vouches for the other rescues, that’s good enough for me.

  1. I like the idea to help the big cats instead to buy sweaters or the 87th pair of socks…they are anyway forgotten in the darkest edges of the clothes… but a small donation can help for longer than just for the howl-i-days.

  2. We have been long time supporters of The Wild Animal Sanctuary about 90 miles northeast of this one in Calhan and a sanctuary that has rescued hundreds of lions, tigers, bears, leopards and wolves from all over the US and countries as well as from South America. It is remarkable how lax laws are about keeping these kinds of sideshows open, not just in Colorado but throughout the US. 😦

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