Thanks for Listening!

One of the things I am most grateful for is being heard. 

Sad, isn’t it? In a world filled with noise, we don’t listen to each other. For me, I feel I am heard so infrequently that it actually shocks me when people get what I’m trying to say.

Graybie Baby is grateful for adequate lighting to capture his rugged good looks.

For example, this month is employee appreciation month at work. Now anyone who works in our division who is paying attention knows I am always out there exercising and eating healthy. So how do our administrators decide to show their appreciation for their employees?  By feeding us. Great. Just great.

First we were given cookies on National Healthy Lunch Day. The irony was not lost on me. Then several days later they took the entire work group to lunch at a restaurant where the only option for a vegan was a salad I could have bought in a bag at Kroger for less than half of what they paid for it.

I was not impressed. But one must be gracious, right? So I gave away my cookies when no one noticed and sat and ate my crappy salad with a smile on my face.

Rumpy is grateful I’m a sucker for a pretty face, and that looks like these score bites of whatever I’m eating.

Contrast that to Tuesday when I’m sitting in my cubicle bored out of my skull reading policy because that’s my reward for getting my work done on time. It’s freezing in my area; I am buried under my coat and still cold. The director of the division happened to walk by and, seeing me, asked me if I was cold. And I’m like, yeah! I’m freezing up in here!

And I don’t know, maybe it was coincidence, but the next day it seemed warmer in my area. It didn’t cost him a dime to listen and acknowledge what I was conveying non-verbally. Yet it bought much more goodwill with me than the food did.


Hissy Fit Jones is grateful for high perches from which he can give me disapproving glances. 

Made me wonder how much we’re truly appreciated when administrators are more willing to pay out close to $1,000 to feed us than to spend the time it takes to actually get to know us.


The readers I am most grateful for are those who hear what I’m saying and don’t try to shush me or tell me I shouldn’t feel that way. For those of you who come here regularly and get me, I am so very grateful. And I am going to make a greater effort to reciprocate. I have been remiss in that regard, and I apologize.

Happy Thanksgiving!


35 thoughts on “Thanks for Listening!

  1. And a happy Thanksgiving to you too. I do understand by what you mean about not being heard. I think when you reach a certain age you become invisible! I certainly have. Also at work you just become a number , I think it is excellent that your boss actually asked you if you were cold, full marks to him. As you say his real contact and intervention is worth much more than cookies and crappy salads!! Be well and happy! xxxx

    1. Oh yes. I am invisible as well. In fact, I recently caught myself worrying if a shirt I was wearing brought too much attention to myself. I play the role of invisible woman all too well, I fear.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the gang! Your blog is a great way of making sure your voice is heard. We are listening x.

    1. Thank you Lesley! And a very happy day to you! I hear some of our bad habits are taking root in Europe. May your Black Friday Sales never be the slugfests our often turn out to be.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.I think we all feel unappreciated most of the time at work,but it pays the bills and I get enough time to do most things I want to do,so I can’t grumble to much.How ever our blogs is where we get heard by those who do get us and that I do appreciate even though I don’t all ways have the time to visit each post of each blog we follow for which I must try harder too.have a wonderful day with your babies and family,xx Rachel and Speedy

  4. It’s reassuring that there’s enough good to balance out the misses. I’m glad that you can see it and appreciate it – even when it’s something small. And yes, you do need to smile and be gracious, regardless. That’s called life, I guess. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy what’s on the table and those around the table, and don’t forget to drop something yummy under the table for the furry beggars. 🙂

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you…. from one (un)happy restaurant guest to another.. while eating some salad leaves I only wait for the offer: we can make some chicken for you … oh man LOL

  6. I learned some interesting things from you. I learned about being invisible. I knew it was happening but couldn’t put a name on it. For those that it hasn’t happened to yet, it will and you will be stunned. There is an irony to companies rewarding employees with things that are not healthy (all the while promoting healthy lifestyles to lower health costs). I remember back in the “Take your child to work day” the person who “ran” it had cookies, fake juices and donuts for breakfast. With all that sugar I asked if she was freaking nuts! The first manager who did a session had them run around the building to get rid of the sugar highs. Eventually the company always made sure there were vegan options for employee functions. Sometimes those were much better than the greasy burgers even for the non-vegan folks. I am thankful that you highlight the ironies of life.

  7. Mee-you Hissy fit an Graybie Joness are 2 berry kewl katss Lady Jenn!! An Rumpy you have a face that wood melt thee icyiest heart!!!! **nose s** Siddhartha H enry xxxx

    Hi Jen: I so hear you on the ‘crappy cookies’. Many of my friends who are still working & have medical problems would feel just as you do. With so many healthy options; why offer cookies? Whenever I have a Temple function I bring either a veggie platter or fruit tray….. And I am impressed the fellow actually listened & made things more comfortable for you.
    It does seem in this techno world a lot of communicating is done; but not a lot of listening….ironic isn’t it???
    And you keeping blogging what you want to blog about Jen! A good friends will always listen!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen ❤

    1. Thanks, Sherri-Ellen. It is odd, isn’t it, that with so many people now focusing on better health that they’d still go for the “way to their heart is thru their unhealthy stomach” route.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your awesome crew, Jen. We hear you, and we get you. And we love you and your awesome, honest posts. 🙂

  9. I know what you mean. It would mean a lot more to me for the boss to notice I was cold than to buy me a lunch I’d love to think of an excuse to get out of!
    You’ve heard right – the last few years retailers have really been pushing Black Friday in the UK. I hope you’re enjoying your hike today!

  10. We don’t listen to each other. We also rarely read all the way through a post. I get a lot of comments based on people extrapolating from the first paragraph. It’s hard to pay attention. But I hear YOU. I’m incredibly glad I am not out in the workplace anymore! I think bosses believe you get a paycheck and that’s enough appreciation. Anything more is noblesse oblige.

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