Debuting a New Holiday Song!


I confess: I LOVE Christmas music! Serious. Secular. Funny. I love ’em all.

This is one of my faves.


I also love writing poetry, especially in the form of song parody.

Today I had some free time, and this happened.

Enjoy. Or laugh. Just don’t blow snot on my computer.

The one and only Graybow, BKA Graybie Baby


Graybie Baby

Is laying under the Christmas tree

He sees

A shine bauble and then

Graybie Baby

knocks the Christmas tree on its’ side


Graybie Baby

Chews up all of the tinsel too

Then pukes blue

I was up all night with you

Graybie Baby

You sure know how to do Christmas right *heavy sigh*


Christmas fun is not to be missed

These cats are all in, they’ve amassed quite a list

They calm down when told to be good

Then they’re right back at it; Lord, I am PISSED!


Graybie Baby

When I am mad to my leg he’ll cling

And sing

He says he is a good boy

Graybie Baby

I gotta hand it to ya, you’re right!

38 thoughts on “Debuting a New Holiday Song!

  1. I needed a laugh tonight. So, thanks.

    Do you have a very favorite piece of Christmas music? If it’s too hard to pick, then two favorites.

      1. I would have been horribly disappointed had you been able to narrow it down to one.

        If you haven’t already, try Monteverdi’s, “Selva morale”–the Gloria in particular. Not Handel, no, but a delight to listen to all the same.

      2. I had not even heard of this collection before! What I know about classical music I’ve learned from encounters with people such as you and by listening to public radio. So thank you. I listened to part of a performance by Concierto de Gabriel Garrido y Ensemble Elyma on YouTube. Do you recommend a particular performance? I will download and listen to it at work. That ought to keep me awake!

      3. The performance that you listened to is my favorite by far. Usually, a visual can be distracting but in this case, the audio/visual interplay makes it even more mesmerizing. It’s especially good because the performers present such strong caricatures, as if they were hand-selected expressly for a video recording. Three other single selections to add to your Christmas list, all of which I am sure that you’ve heard: “O Mio Bambino Caro,” “Nessun Dorma,” and “Ombra Mai Fu.” (I have a weakness for Puccini, any time of year. And when I think I’ve cried my last tear because this world has exhausted the reservoir, these last three get me going again. Every time!)

      4. Most excellent. I hope you can add one or all to your list of favorites and eventually is soon enough. But you’re right, of course: nothing breathes passion like, “The Messiah.” Brings me to my knees and then some. But there are times when I’d rather stand up and laugh so I will continue to hum your re-write and thank you for it!

  2. I like the song also and your parody really good. Gotta love them. Mischievous though they are. I had one I just knew was going to be sick sneaking under the tree and drinking its’ water. Whatever it was full of he didn’t mind one bit. 🙂

      1. Nope! But even so my thought was that it couldn’t be good because of sap and pine needles. Would never use any kind of a chemical around my pets.

  3. Love it! I’ve the new kitten – he thinks we are absolutely insane to put this giant toy in the living room. Yes, Lumi, it is ALL FOR YOU.

    Even the broom when I sweep up the mess you make 🙂

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