Friskies Cat Concoctions? RU Crazy?

Let me start by saying I was NOT compensated in any way for this blog post... unless you count the free can of cat food that I found inside a container of cat litter.

And finding that free can was the only reason I even tried this new Friskies canned food. I mean, chicken in a crabby sauce? That sounds disgusting!

This is one of four new flavors in the Cat Concoctions series. 
Upon first glance I am reminded of chicken in milk gravy like what my mama used to make.

But it doesn’t smell like chicken gravy. Ugh!

So no, this is NOT something designed to appeal to cat caregivers.

But guess what?

My cats love this stuff!

My cats have no shame. 
Well, not Bubba. He refuses to touch it. But the rest dig into it like nobody’s business! June Buggie will leave his medication-laced Fancy Feast to steal from the others who are getting their Lysine-laced Cat Concoctions.

The chunks of “with chicken” are fairly large, and may be difficult for an older cat. If your cat has few or no teeth, you may want to puree, or try the Salmon and Chicken Liver Dinner pate. Revolting!

With most foods, my cats love it the first time its served, then turn their noses up at it once I’ve gone and bought more. But I bought more of this crabby Cat Concoctions and while their enthusiasm hasn’t tapered off, they did leave almost 1/4 of the ” with chicken” in the dish this morning. If I can successfully keep Rumpy out of there, they’ll most likely eat that later. So I’m off to the shops to get still more- I can’t even believe I just said that.

I’m not gonna lie, the idea of eating chicken in crab gravy still makes my stomach turn. But now that I’ve seen how much they like this stuff, I’m going to try some of the other flavors, such as cod in a cheesy bacon sauce. Or lamb in clam-flavored sauce. Just thinking of that makes me gag!

But oh, the things we do to keep our felines happy!

You do love me, don’t you? 

16 thoughts on “Friskies Cat Concoctions? RU Crazy?

  1. I once wrote to a pet food company asking why they didn’t do a canned dog food with cheese, as all dogs seem to love cheese. I got a reply saying they did cheesy dog biscuits, and a range of cheesy cat food, but they did nothing in this line for dogs. Seems a bit bias to me!

  2. I got the same thing in a container of litter. I thought it was an odd combination. Usually it’s poultry or seafood but not both (like ocean fish and tuna — which is weird because isn’t tuna an ocean fish?). My cats liked it too. I get cat food by the case and I haven’t seen it packaged like that so for now all they are getting is the free ones.

    1. I saw has it, but you have to spend $50 to get free shipping. Haven’t looked in amazon yet. I’m headed to PetSmart so I’ll let ya know if they have a case.

  3. your kitties will like the concoctions for the first month or 2..and then will scoff at it after that…happened to my 2 kitties when I first bought them about a year ago..literally loved and devoured all the flavors..but now give me the “meh” look and just walk away… πŸ™‚

  4.’s true..but i knew they truly didn’t like anymore when i would try to “trick them” by putting a little cat nip on top of their concoction foods..which would always be followed by the same look…”that trick will not work anymore with this food” as they sklinked off with their heads low from disappointment….but then…when i opened a new can of let’s say “fancy feast”..come charging back into the room tripping over themselves πŸ™‚

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