Welcome New Bloggers!

I seem to have attracted several new followers lately. Welcome!

Some of them are spammers or businesses wanting me to buy something. But many are actual bloggers hoping to connect.

For those of you bloggers who are new to the scene, allow me to share with you a bit of wisdom I’ve learned over my years of blogging.

Good photos enhance a blog post. Doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the blog content. 

I guess by now you’ve decided why you’re blogging. Want to make money? Then I hope your blog is cooking, kids, fashion or cute pets. Those blogs attract the most hard-core fans, and you’ll want to cultivate a fan base in order to sell them things. Kevin Kelly has a theory that all any artist needs is 1,000 true fans to survive. So build that fan base and sell that book, or whatever it is you’re trying to sell!

If, like me, your blog is a creative outlet, fear not. Sometimes we, too, get lucky. Go ahead and build that fan base. These are the people who will support you when you’re down and rejoice with you when you’re up.

There is no easy way to attract people to your blog. You’ll want to put yourself out there on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. That means putting content on each of those sites and engaging with fans there. I confess, I’m not so good at that. Facebook wants you to have a 2-hour response time on comments, but I have a life outside of social media! Just do what you can. Pics will reach further, so post them often. Videos are OK but keep them short and sweet.

Use captions to share info too. Readers who scan your post will read your photo captions. 

Study your readers. No, you won’t know everyone who visits your blog, but you will know those that “liked” the post. About those likers- up to 1/4 of them never read your content. They’re scrolling a reader liking everything in hopes you’ll return the favor on their blog. Some collect likes as a means of stroking their ego. Others use WordAds and are making money if you click on an ad. Over time you’ll be able to tell who’s who.

Respond to comments left on your blog posts.  That lets readers know you heard them, and creates relationship with them. Don’t argue. If it’s a troll, use them to your advantage. Some bloggers have been known to cement reader loyalty when they gang up together to fight a common enemy. Or you can do like me and delete them.

Don’t sell yourself short. I get emails most every day from people wanting me to hawk their product. Some want me to do it for free. Others offer me the “opportunity” to try their product for free in return for a blog post about the experience (and social media posts). Look, your time and the exposure you give a company is worth more than that $10 toy or bag of treats, so they’re definitely getting the better end of the deal. Don’t forget, if you take them up on the offer, you need to say something to the effect in the blog post. Don’t do it too often because you’ll find your readership numbers will fall on days you post reviews. Unsolicited reviews are more attractive to readers because they don’t feel you’re being influenced.

Photos don’t have to be perfect, but should be eye-catching. Crop out distractions. 

And, finally, the only way you’re going to stick with blogging as long as someone like me is if you enjoy it. So write about what interests you. Allow your blog to evolve as you do. Now go forth and conquer!

61 thoughts on “Welcome New Bloggers!

  1. Great tips. I always enjoy your funny and thought provoking posts along with the photos of your adorable pets. I am contemplating blogging again. I haven’t blogged since August since I was focusing on a 100 day novel challenge. I miss it and think I’ll get going on it again. I mainly do it for connecting, and as a creative outlet.

  2. Mee-you grate blog Lady Jen an Rumpy!! LadyMum has noticed wee have all these ‘travellin’ bloggerss followin us which makess NO sense as wee not travelerss, mew mew mew….
    LadyMum sayss yur ideass are purrfect! An shee should go back to capshunnin mee fotoss’. (Shee used to do that with NYLABLUE’SS). An shee ALL WAYSS helpss mee do reepliess so mee stayss connected!!!
    Happy Mew year to all of youss’ there……
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ an ((hugsss)) LadyMum

    1. Your mama is smart! Sometimes people read the photo captions to decide whether or not to invest the time in reading the post! So I try to make them relevant but funny.

  3. That is some Great advice,We just do it for fun,sometimes I review products but generally they a products I have purchased my self and thought they were good,but even then its still about having fun,xx Rachel and Speedy

  4. Great post. I agree with the “paid” posts, I stopped following some blogs that review products almost everyday. I hope to be a more frequent visitor to your blog. Happy New Year.

  5. thanks so much; i blogged much more 3 years ago; widowed now, but filled wth 29 years of love; so that’s good; i have a passion for promoting the oneness of mankind, racial justice and teaching writing and wrtiting; also dog sit; good life and am thriving – in my later chapters; just settling in, it’s been a wild 2 years, but i stand tall and strong, and thriving, despite crazy politicians; i love your dog and cat photos; beautiful animals; good luck this year

  6. I have recommit to blogging. My mood has not been conducive to writing. I’ll need a theme and a new name. The recent blog was named with BJ in mind. Now that he’s at the bridge I have to begin again.

  7. As you so often do, you’ve hit the nail right on the head, Jen. It’s critical to write about what interests you, and what you’re passionate about. Happy New Year!

  8. I have a process for blogging where I write and every few months copy and post to my administrator……who literally does all the rest. The magic! (For free) I do love your mentality to blogging. I still feel new but while I don’t read every single word of some posts, I love a good dog or cat picture…….you will meet my Fur-Child Jamima soon. Cheers,H

  9. Those Facebook targets are silly! I couldn’t figure out why it said I didn’t reply to all comments at first – then I realised it was counting the the ones I deleted as nonsense. You can’t win with targets like that so there’s not much point to them!

  10. I have almost 12,000 followers and I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually heard from more than 100 of them. Moreover, I don’t get nearly the number of hits that so many followers should — logically — generate. Those number need to be taken with a BIG grain of salt!

  11. I remember when you first started. Your blog has been a cherished joy to read. I don’t always write a comment, but I enjoy reading what you write each time! Happiness to you for 2017!

  12. Just stopping by to say, “Thank-you” for your comment on our blog the other day. Wishing you and those you love a wonderful New Year. (BOL Glad you didn’t get all the snow we did).

    Molly and my Mom

  13. New blogger here, I am glad you touched on this subject. I haven’t come across the spammer commenters quite yet, but give it time.My goal is to be genuine and gain a following by discussing what I love. I will take the first 1,000 advice to heart. This will be my new goal. I love the pet photos and your realism.


    1. I’m so glad you’re blogging! There are lots of blogs out there, but not so many of us who keep it 100. It can be tempting to compare yourself to others. That’s OK, just don’t compare yourself to cooking blogs. They get lots of comments but most of the comments are stupid. BORING!!!!

      1. Ironically I made a few recipe posts this week, those ones made more hits than my in depth topics (not surprised) Give me realism and humor/sarcasm any day!

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