And So it Begins…

Yesterday protesters in DC were arrested after breaking store windows and at least one car was set on fire.

Here in Nashville, protesters were arrested after they formed a human chain, and with the help of some duct tape, prevented anyone from entering or exiting the capitol. I happened to be walking around during my lunch break and saw the protest before the arrests. There were also approximately 500 people who gathered in a local park for a silent protest.

Not a good photo, I know. But those ants around the door are the protesters.  They were shouting their protests while taping themselves together. 

Today is the Women’s March on Washington with solidarity marches occurring around the country and around the world. Fellow blogger Bumpy Road to Bubba posted on Instagram that in Sydney some asshole sky-wrote TRUMP overhead. Probably was done by some white dude with little hands.

Yesterday our new president signed an executive order ordering federal agencies to minimize the “economic and regulatory burdens” of the Affordable Care Act. Some say it means nothing. Others say it’s the beginning of the end. All I know is I have friends who rely on the Affordable Healthcare Act to be able to live. Yes, if they had no healthcare, they might not be alive today. That may mean nothing to you. But it may one day. Check out Marilyn Armstrong’s blog post on the subject.

How I’m feeling right now.   (Grumpy Monkey- photograph by David Yarrow. Currently displayed and available for sale at Tinney Contemporary)

In his speech he described the country in terrible shape, but he’s gonna make things better. I think instead it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

It’s not going to be an easy go for us for at least the next couple of years. Some on social media are whining because we won’t be quiet. Whatever.

Our children are in the streets this weekend. They are our future. As they go, so goes the country.

If you can’t physically be there to support them, at least give them your voice in encouragement.


32 thoughts on “And So it Begins…

      1. Thank you, Alejandro. I was inspired by the people on the march and it’s good to find kindred spirits in the blogosphere, too! 😉 xoM

  1. Keep your Voices Loud and Be proud of the stand you make!We in the UK do stand behind you all and support you all.Our government may have to deal with the new president and the administration but they know what they all stand for and they know him for the moron he is,xx Rachel and Speedy

      1. to far for me,we live in Devon ,on Dartmoor which is a 6 hour drive,and I don’t drive,So I just have to give my encouragement online for anyone who is standing against this administration,xx Rachel

  2. The disintegration has begun. Trump’s first act as POTUS was to strike down Obama’s executive order requiring the Federal Housing Administration to decrease insurance premiums on FHA mortgages. The order was set to take effect January 27 and would help low-income homeowners save hundreds annually on their FHA loans. Since Trump lives in a gilded palace, he obviously has no idea what these types of loans do for people. We’re in for more nightmarish trickle-down bullshit.

  3. Say it loud, and say it proud! We must continue to stay strong, speak up and fight for what we know is right.

  4. I participated in a large event in my city. Everyone was well behaved and there were no arrests. It was inspiring and uplifting. The signs were clever and pointed and the multi-generational participants really were inspiring. I heard one news program this morning who shared the capitol switchboard phone number to connect you with your representative or senator’s office. I plan to be calling one of my senators multiple times since he seems to be supportive of the new administration (WTH?!) 212-224-3121 It’s more important than ever to resist and hold these guys accountable for the less fortunate.

  5. Saturday,I marched in Pittsburgh with 25,000 and knit 8 pink Pussyhats. Sunday I woke up and thought, what’s next?
    The struggle begins.

      1. Not far at all. Maybe we can plan to get together sometime. I know you still are working but I’m retired except for Blogging of course. Let me know if you are interested. I would love to meet Rumpy and your adorable cat. Susan:)

  6. For what it’s worth, I’ve done a bunch of reading about what this means and I think, right now, not much. What it might mean in the future is another question. The most positive spin i can put on it is that Republican lawmakers — even Trump — are very nervous about pulling ACA without having some reasonable alternative health care law in effect. Because those 20 million people who have no other way to get health insurance are actually the core voters for the GOP. You may not be able to count on much in this world, but you can be pretty sure that politicians care deeply about themselves and getting reelected … and you can be very sure that if they eliminate health care for millions upon millions of their own party’s voters … well … they might not BE reelected. So they are talking big, but treading carefully.

    It doesn’t mean they won’t yet do something incredibly awful and stupid, but it gives me some hope that they may actually think about the repercussions BEFORE they do it. We have to be grateful for small favors.

    Thanks for the shout out. I’ve been fighting this battle since I was very young. It is discouraging to have accomplished so little, but it isn’t nothing. There IS Medicare and Medicaid and ACA. it’s just not nearly enough.

  7. I see the ‘global gag rule’ is back, leaving agencies providing valuable services to those in need with tough decisions to make.

    Yet most of the newspapers have devoted far more column inches to the question of how many attended the inauguration than the important changes that are being made.

  8. I had many friends and relatives who protested. The violence the day before was by the Black Bloc (anarchists) who oppose all government. I honor my friends and relatives. I oppose violent anarchists. Pretty simple differentiation.

    I am happy to hear there will be more marches – on April 15th.

    I marched to end the Vietnam war. We have seen great social change through social unrest. it is time to see it happen again.

    1. I have no beef with anarchists. I figure if our president can disrespect an entire culture with the stroke of a pen, then I guess they can do what they need to as well.

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