Rump’s Visit to the Vet

So Rumpy’s condition quickly got worse, and today we went to see the vet.

First, she felt him all over and was very concerned about what felt like enlarged lymph nodes. The good doctor aspirated 3 of them and was heartened to find they were lypomas. She discovered his right hind leg was much larger than the left, but couldn’t tell why.

Then she and I discussed whether to proceed with x-rays first or blood work. We did the x-rays.

Rumpy has an enlarged lymph node at the base of his heart. He also has a large tumor behind the muscle of his right hind leg.

Next the blood work. Rumpy’s white blood cell count was very high. The vet says he most likely has pneumonia. And the pneumonia is probably because of the laryngeal paralysis.

So we’re home with two different antibiotics to treat the pneumonia. If we’re lucky, it will also shrink that enlarged lymph node.

If the lymph node doesn’t shrink, it’s possible the tumor is cancerous. If Rumpy recovers from pneumonia and the lymph node shrinks, then the next thing is surgery on his leg to remove the tumor and biopsy to determine if it’s malignant. It’s a large tumor and has grown pretty fast- like DeDe’s did.

And then if all that happens, there’s still the issue of laryngeal paralysis. I could subject him to yet more surgery to tie back one of his laryngeal flaps. I’ve written about that before, and I don’t know if I want to do that to him.

So for now I’m going to focus on the pneumonia. The vet recommended a vet diet canned food that he ate fine in their office but turned his nose up at once we got home. But he did eat a can of his regular food and he took his meds in peanut butter so I feel better about that.

And I’m accepting that I don’t think we’ll be together much longer.

Please keep the Rumpster in your thoughts.

103 thoughts on “Rump’s Visit to the Vet

  1. Is removing the hind leg an option to have a tripod baby and possible doing Chemo? You all are in my Prayers

  2. Oh I shouldn’t have read that sitting at my desk – even though I’ve been keeping up on social media. Sending lots of love to you and Rumpy and hoping for completely resolvable pneumonia and benign rather than anything else tumor. You’re both in my thoughts. xx

  3. I’m sorry, Jen. Please give Rumpy a hug from me. I know this is hard, but I’m so glad he’s with you. Best place he can be.

      1. My point….was simply that I am glad Rumpy is with you…..what is there to argue? I’m being supportive here Jen, because I understand. Losing Sasha for us, is still very fresh. I’m very sorry this is happening to Rumpy. I’m sorry I’m not a good enough friend that nothing I ever post is ever taken in the spirit it is intended. I meant to offer comfort and support (and I did read the whole blog) instead of contention. I don’t even know what to say to you anymore. I will leave it at that. I’m sorry Rumpy is going through this.

      2. I’ve tried to be a supportive friend to you for years. Like I said….I’m sorry this is happening to Rumpy. I’m sorry for your pain. I don’t need comfort from you. I just wanted to be a friend. I can’t be one unless you allow it. I do understand what you’re going through. Going forward, I will just say nothing, because that seems to be what you want from me. I wish you well.

      1. ….I did. Pneumonia. Two antibiotics. Ate the canned food at the vet. Didn’t at home. Ate the regular food. Took medicine with peanut butter. Hopefully will shrink the lymph node as well. After that if cancer, possible surgery or chemo on the hind leg….
        Just trying to stay hopeful and a speedy full recovery would mean less pain for Rumpy..and a great friend still around for you!

  4. love you Rumpy. Years of seeing you, reading posts, breaks my heart for you and your momma. Bless you, prayers for healing to come fast, comfort and love..

  5. I’m very very sorry about what’s been happening to Rumpy….I feel sad, too….and am not able to accept it now…..I’m praying for him very hard…..keep him in my thoughts…..I love you Rumpy….we all love you…hugs

  6. I can’t like this. 😥 I know that we only get our beloved dogs for a short time because they don’t need to work on themselves for seven or eight decades, but I don’t want you be be left behind.

    Keeping Rumpy in my thoughts and prayers. And you as well. No matter how many minutes or hours we have in this life we need to make them count because they are always so short!

    Hugging my foster and my nearly 9-year-old girl tonight.

  7. Good luck, buddy. Mom and I said prayers for you and your mom and your doctors to stay strong and brave and smart. We love you. You’re our favorite cookie monster. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  8. Oh, man. We are so sorry to hear of all these issues poor Rumpy is having, and that you are facing together. Please know that we love you both, and are sending big purrs, prayers and all good thoughts.

  9. Damn….I always hate when our pets get old and more prone to getting sick.The having to face the mortality of them in situations like this where we have to face that reality that sooner or later we are going to have to say goodbye to them.I really hope the the antibiotics help Rumpy fight the pnemonia and that he gets better again……and that tough old dog Surprises you and the rest of us with the length of time he has left.much love to you and and to Rump,xx Rachel and Speedy

  10. Try liverwurst for Rumpy’s pills. You can buy it where the hot dogs are in the store. Sometimes it’s called Braunschweiger. It comes in a chunk like bologna used to. It worked to give our guy his pills when he wasn’t feeling good. Hugs to you and Rumpy❤

  11. I am so terribly sorry. I don’t have any words that will make it better, just … I understand. And maybe it won’t be as bad as it looks. I wish for you the most possible quality time with Rumpy.

    1. Let’s be honest. IF he lives through the pneumonia and IF the lymph node shrinks, I couldn’t afford two surgeries and even if I could, I don’t know i want to put an old dog through all that. His last days shouldn’t be of him being subjected to invasive medical procedures. His last days should be home with us loving him and comforting him.

  12. O my stars how hard and what a dear fog. I thonk those of who tead you havr your back. It is sorrowful and to have known and loved our majestic animals is a wondrous thonh

  13. As Marina, says, try to be positive. The medicine will help him to gain strenght…
    I know how you feel when a beloved pet got old and sick… you suffer with them the pain and the fear of “what after”… stay with Rumpy the longer you can.
    That so sad 😦 claudine

    1. I am not a Pollyanna. I am a realist. I am not going to miss my chance to help Rumpy have a good death by clinging to foolish hopes that won’t come true.

      1. I am sorry… I didn’t mean to be rude… I just wanted to say I am sorry. Please forgive me if I am not of mother tongue english and for this reason a didn’t use the right words. I am not Pollyanna either, just a woman who loves very much all sentient beings. Forgive me for writing a comment to your post, won’t happen anymore.

  14. One thing I really hate about being on the poverty line is I can’t afford to take Jamima patch the pirate cat to the vet. She has lost much weigh & I like you fear the worst. I only just met Rumpy so you are both in my thoughts. Putting out positivity.

    1. I just charged $500 to a credit card I can’t afford to pay back. So when people say things like get well soon I get upset because I can’t afford to make him well. They seem so damned thoughtless to me.

  15. Here’s wishing the best for you and Rumpy, Jen. There are no easy or right ways to deal with the death of a loved one, even a pet. I still miss my mini schnauzer, but I know I was able to provide him a good home for 14 years. Please keep us posted.

    1. Thank you Alejandro. I needed someone to say this. I don’t want to be given false hope. My dog is not well, and I want to be there fully for him so he knows in death he was loved just as much as he was in life.

  16. Pain every which way you turn…I’m so sorry to read about this, sometimes we find ourselves in such impossible and unjustified situations when all we can do is hope. I wish you and Rumpy strength for the battle. Battles tend to be thought of as fighting for survival, which mosrly they are of sorts, but there’s always that much less spoken of form of battle, the one where you battle to accept and survive the worst case scenario if that it what you must do. When you are fighting both battles at once as I imagine you must be right now it is tougher than anyone else knows and it is lonely, so strength and courage to you, and a big Wolfie hug.

    1. Thank you. Yes, and the battle for acceptance is the most lonely of battles. As you see, there are plenty of hopes and wishes, not not many who will be with me while I battle to accept what is and what will be.

      1. I guess not everybody is emotionally equipped to be there with you in the way that you need. Some may simply not understand, lacking in the experience to do so, others perhaps are not emphatic or distance themselves because your situation cuts to close to the bone for them, bringing up all too painful memories of their own. Most times I travel my paths alone too. It is not good feel so alone at times like this, but if I learned nothing else from it, I realised that no matter how tough and heartbreaking what you’re struggling to deal with is, and there’s no doubt it is heartwrenching, but when you rise back up from the broken ashes you have become something different…stronger…bruised but not broken….and the world looks on and wonders….you become the person others want to be. You’re mentally and emotionally battered and bruised no matter what the outcome and you’ve probably cried a 1000 tears before the final outcome occurs, whichever way it goes. But life will lead you into a better place and it won’t be someone else leading you, it’s that wonderful, strong even when broken, heart inside of you. May wolf walk ever beside you and give you rest in his shadow.

  17. I am so sorry my heart knows your pain as I am dealing with large growths on my girl fatty or cancerous not sure I need to know I try to love her and make her comfortable but it is killing me. We must remember how much they love us sending a virtual HUG for you both.

    1. I’m hoping they’re just fatty tumors. Fortunately most of Rumpy’s were, and there’s always the chance the large one beneath his muscle is a fatty tumor. Deciding whether or not to put him through surgery depends on what happens with that lymph node.

  18. Rumpy & you are both in. My prayers it’s so hard as our babies get older xoxo Christina Juneau & Sunny

  19. Word has it – Facebook that Rumpy is eating a little bit more today. The girls and I are so excited. Every time I hugged him I told him that this is going to Rumpy to make him feel that much better!

    We are pulling for you. Both of you.

    1. He wouldn’t eat the special food the vet suggested so in desperation I bought chicken. He ate one and then two chicken breasts. Right now I’m just happy he’s eating but the fact that he’s not eating his regular food does concern me.

      1. Bit by bit, little by little. When I got my latest foster everything went slo-mo for awhile. She was sicker than anyone realized. As the days went by and she was getting the care she needed (medication) things started to come together. I am pulling for your guy.

        He’s coming back one step at a time. I’ll keep the faith for you if you need me to. You do it for so many others. Lean now and then.

        I’ll keep him and you in my workings.

  20. I’m so sorry to see Rumpy isn’t well. There are no words that make this easer. You and Rumpy are in my thoughts. xx

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