Did Going Vegan Lower My Cholesterol?

So I told you last August I went vegan to lower my cholesterol. 

Yesterday I had a biometric screening for my insurance- my employer requires it for me to get lower insurance costs. I get a basic health exam and if the health professionals find something wrong, like say high blood pressure or diabetes, I would have to agree to work with a health coach to get it under control, otherwise I’d have to pay more for coverage.

And how’s that vegan thing going?



I’ve lost a total of 25 pounds in the last year. I’ve gone from no exercise to regular exercise.

My blood pressure is normal and my heart rate was good. My glucose was within the normal range (almost right smack dab in the middle, actually).

Oh, but the cholesterol? What about the cholesterol? 


*drum roll*

My total cholesterol has gone down 25 points in the past 7 months! I am thrilled! All my levels were within the normal range, and none were barely hanging in there. I am proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve done for… me!


I gotta tell you that I feel mighty strange talking up my accomplishments at the same time as I’m hurting so over Rumpy. But in a way it’s all related. I’m determined to improve my life. That means I’m taking steps to improve my physical health. Through this I’ve internalized that I deserve to treat myself with respect, and I’m expecting others to treat me with respect as well. I’m not putting up with other people’s stuff. You have a right to be where you are, but that doesn’t mean I have to deal with it.

Today I will advocate for Rumpy and for myself. I will be here for him just like I am here for me. Together we will decide what steps we should take for his health.

FYI, the next time you hear someone ask what’s the point of going vegan, send them my way. I got lots of reasons I can share. 


35 thoughts on “Did Going Vegan Lower My Cholesterol?

  1. I am so happy about your vegan journey and that its working so well for you health, that is great news !

  2. Well done,that is good News,As for Rumpy We all know you will do what is right for him,we wouldn’t expect anything else.I hope the Antibiotics are helping him feel a bit better in himself,though Its probably to early for that.any little bit of improvement for that cute fella is what I am hoping for ,for both of you,much love to you and Rumpy,xx Rachel and Speedy

    1. He’s still not really eating. I got him to take his meds wrapped in peanut butter and he scarfed the chicken. But that’s not really eating like normal. And yet I can tell he feels better this morning than he did yesterday.

  3. Congratulations, Jen. That vegan diet really did the trick for you. Way to go! You must feel so much healthier, too. All the best to you and a hug to poor old Rumps. Thinking of you and how tough it must be dealing with his poor health. You are a strong lady and I admire you.

  4. Excellent job! It’s so beautiful to hear people making positive changes to their health and the welfare of all animals. People deserve to be happy, healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. It took me ten years after becoming vegetarian to make the change to a vegan lifestyle, mainly because I found it difficult at first and needed support, but once I did I lost so much weight and felt a lot better about myself. Once again congrats on going vegan!

  5. This was very emotional to read and thank you for sharing! I’m very happy for your journey and will definitely send people your way next time someone asks me about going vegan!

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