An Update on the Rumpster

We’re three days out from our vet visit. Rumpy is feeling much better but, to be clear, he is still very sick.

This was taken Friday night. You can tell he’s not well, but he’s still hanging in there. 

We’ve just come in from a walk outside in the yard. We went from front to back, he took a poop, and now he’s exhausted and lying on the bedroom floor.

Rumpy is eating! Not normally, but he is taking in nutrition and that’s good. He won’t touch his regular food and he wouldn’t eat the special diet food from the vet’s office (of course), but he will eat chicken and rice, so the vegan is loading up on chicken at the grocery and cooking him some grub.

Peanut butter has always been a favorite Rumpydog treat, and he’s been getting a good dollup twice a day covering his medicines.

But doesn’t Rumpy love cookies? Actually, he’s not eating cookies like he was. He loves the Milk Bone marrow bone treats, but only the large ones. There were a few left in the cookie jar and whenever I give him one he’ll eat it. But not the little ones, and no other treats. Which is OK, they have almost zero nutritional value anyway and he needs to eat stuff that will build him up.

Enough about the dog! It’s Caturday! Talk about me!

I am exhausted and after getting up to feed and care at our regular 3am time, I went back to sleep and didn’t get up until almost 10am. Today I’m going to the grocery for more chicken and rice, then hang out with the gang. We need some time together. This morning I woke to find myself surrounded by cats. They are all concerned and showing it each in his or her own way.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks so much for being here for us. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.


63 thoughts on “An Update on the Rumpster

  1. Sending all the very best to you and Rumpy, enjoy these last times together, however long you have , love him and he will love you back ❤❤❤

  2. I am keeping both you and Rumpy in my thoughts. Today is when my Grove celebrates Imbolg, the coming of spring and the Goddess/Saint Brigid. We also celebrate the healing (Candlemas) time as a way to drive out ill and bestow good health. May all those blessings come to you both. The daffodils bloomed this morning. May his health bloom as well.

  3. Jen, you might try … kefir, bone broth, baby meats, and if his digestive system needs nurturing … Slippery Elm Tea (1 tsp slippery elm mixed with 8 oz boiling water; let cool, and give 4 oz twice a day )

  4. Oh man, there are so many things I’d like to say but most importantly holding good thought that Rumpy has many more quality days and you don’t get too stressed with what’s happening. Hope the chicken and rice continues to work and nourishes him and hope you get rested and have some good cuddles with the kitties on caterday.

    1. This is the hard part of pet ownership. So many people think the puppyhood stage with potty training and chewing of shoes is hard, but this is so much harder. The worry. The second-guessing. And the trudging this path alone is awful. I know you all are here for me and I know how fortunate I am to have you all. But for most of us this is a very lonely place to be.

  5. The decline of a pet always reminds me of how much little things mean. And the empathy and love possible between creatures. Sending you all my good thoughts as this develops.

    1. Absolutely. I was sitting in my little cubicle at work watching the administrators complaining about how late they worked last night and how much they have to do and all I could think of was that no one will care a year from now how hard they worked. Hell, hardly anyone cares now.

  6. They always know, don’t they? The cats always rally around someone who is not doing well. Afterward they resort to chasing them but they are there when you need them. *hugs and soft cat purrs*

  7. I’m happy that he is holding his own. Give him lots of lovin (I know you do already). You might want to try yogurt with fruit. I always gave Guinness the cup to lick when I was done and when be couldn’t eat his dog food very well, near the end, I would give a whole cup and he’d slurp it down. Give him and the cats hugs for me.:)

    1. I’m concerned about giving him things that could further aggravate the diarrhea and he has never done well with cow’s milk. I’m trying other things though that he has always digested well.

  8. My thoughts and prayers are being sent from Peru where I am vacationing. Feel better soon. Love and hugs and snuggles. For you too,Jen.

  9. Rumpy, Mum, of course, sends you kisses and big hugs. Max and I, as per usual, would love to give you a manly slap on the back but since you’re feeling a little under the weather, we’ll just pat you gently. All of us are praying for you and your Mummy (’cause she’s the one looking after you!). xxx

  10. Yes I can see that Rumpy is still very sick because of his eyes….and he seems to lose his weight….I’m very very worrif of him….it’s a little relief to hear that he eats at least chicken….I am praying hard for him to feel much more better and gets more appetite….Rumpy,….we love you….we love you since we met you for the first time….hugs

  11. Rumps, you eat for Mommy and drink your water. Those kitties need you to keep up your strength so you can make them mind. Well all of them but June Buggie, nobody makes him mind. Love you bunches, Granma.

  12. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear Rumpy isn’t well. Sending lots of love, prayers and a #pawcircle for strength and healing. Love ya, Rumpydog!

    1. He doesn’t want to eat much. It he will eat chicken with rice and some of his canned food with chicken. I give him that to get some of his needed nutrients to build up his strength.

    1. Thank you. He continues to show improvement. He might actually get well enough to undergo surgery. I am hopeful and continue to cook chicken and rice for my love.

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