The Latest on Rumpy

Rumpy continues to amaze me with his recovery.

He’d just eaten 3 cans of food and was getting ready to go outside. 


Don’t get me wrong, he’s not well. Right now he’s lying at my feet panting. His breathing is no longer labored, but it’s still heavy.

Last week I was begging him to eat anything. This morning he ate his regular dry food mixed with canned!

Last week we walked into the yard for him to potty and he’d want to immediately come back in. This morning he drug me around the yard.

We’re headed to the vet Monday morning for a follow-up. I guess another set of X-rays to check on that lymph node. And there’s still that tumor on his hind leg to think about, yet with the recovery he’s making, could he recover from these as well?

Who knows. But today, he’s showing marked improvement. Today I am hopeful.


45 thoughts on “The Latest on Rumpy

  1. Rumpy I hope with such good news you can even chase that tumor away… it’s great that you ate 3 cans of food and I hope hope hope for more good news… all paws and fingers and even my tail is crossed for you dear cookie saurus…

    1. I know! I first gave him the chicken and rice and he didn’t really want it. So I opened a can of food and he licked the bowl clean. Gave him a second and he cleaned that one too, so I gave him a third and he ate most of that one.

  2. Now that is great news to hear. Rumpy is one tough fella and we are keeping all fingers and paws crossed that he recovers from the rest too!Super Pup Rumpy! xxx Rachel and Speedy

  3. That’s great news! Sometimes a series of treatments can slow a condition down or put it into remission for a period of time, sometimes months or even years. I hope that’s the case. In any case, Rumpy’s feeling good and that makes you both happy, which can only contribute to the wellness of both of you.

  4. Oh that’s great news. Fingers and paws crossed this end he stays perky with good quality. That’s such a sweet video and he looks really good licking his chops. My Tazzie had similar symptoms like you’re describing with some modifications in presentation (she had orbital cancer among other things). This started when she was 12+. She lived to be 15+ with good quality. Rumpy has a lot of love and good thoughts coming his way but he has you and the other fur babies taking great care of him. Again holding out good healing thoughts and happy for the relief of this good news.

  5. I know only too well what a roller coaster ride it can be when you have a senior dog with health issues. Dogs certainly can amaze us with how strong they can be and how hard they will fight. Enjoy the up times as much as you can, and we will hope for you and Rumpy that they continue!

  6. We love you Jen and Rumpy! And all the other members of your furry family. RainbowCats continue to send love and loud healing, feel better purrs. And since there are 13 of us now (OMC, MEOW!!), that’s a lot of good vibes into the Universe. OurGirl’s heart is filled with gladness. Today’s post has made her whole week. xxx ooo and ^^^ <those are tender nibbles

  7. Thank you very much for this post, Jen. I’m hopeful, too I understand Rumpy has not recovered yet though……Glad to hear that he ate his food and seemed to enjoyed his walk. I really hope that he keeps to continue being better. We’ve been praying for him. We love Rumpy. 🐶❤

  8. I’ve been so busy, I didn’t even know Rumpy was sick. Tell him I’m glad he’s feeling a bit better, and apologize to him for me. Tell him I’m working hard to help RESIST Trump. I’m sure he’ll understand.

  9. my kindred spirit cat died the day I gave him permission? could not believe it…I truly believe they know we need them, and do not wish to abandon US? he died when I vacated the room…but I believe rumpy will rebound…my rumpy look-alike canine was diabetic and put up with my ham-handed inoculations…two per day for two full years…and I have just completed administering 13 pills per day for two weeks to my black lab/rottie mix to cure a sore spot on her hind leg…I am exhausted…she is healed…I think? my empathetic thoughts are there with you both…

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