Oscars? Whatever…

Tonight is the annual Academy Awards ceremony, the biggest and most prestigious awards ceremony where the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes its’ own.

So what!

The Oscars, or the celebration of rich, spoiled white people. 
Oh, I know that many of you are watching to not only see who wins an award, but what is worn by whom, and who says what during their time in front of the camera. Hollywood is even holding protests instead of parties this year.

Personally, I don’t care what they say or do. Those people don’t represent me.


To me, this is all one big sales job. They’re no better than Big Orange when it comes to selling themselves to the rest of us.

Let’s be clear: they don’t care about me, they care about promoting their movies and future movies, garnering advertising contracts, and selling the designer clothing they’re wearing. And since I don’t watch a lot of movies and those clothing designers don’t want women my size wearing their clothes, I see no point in putting a lot of stock in their little glitzy night out.

Don’t worry, those that don’t win a real statue can still take home a chocolate one covered in edible gold dust. Yeah, that’s a thing. 
I’m not going to get all riled up because Meryl Streep gives a speech dissing old #45, or Matthew McConaughey says we ought to embrace him. Streep’s Golden Globes speech got you talking about her, and nobody had her on their mind before then. And we thought all McConaughey did these days was starve himself and drive around in a grandma car. La de da.

When I really want to get riled up about politics I can read an actual newspaper. For those of you who believe in alternative facts, that means a website owned by mega-rich people who hire fiction writers instead of journalists.

So enjoy this little spectacle if you want, but please don’t tell me this is a big deal. It’s not. It’s spoiled little rich kids making fun of other spoiled little rich kids, and being self-centered enough to think I give a shit.

And I don’t. 

19 thoughts on “Oscars? Whatever…

  1. I don’t watch movies, so couldn’t care less about the Oscars, and what celebrities have to say. All I know is I’ll be glad when they are over with, because I’m tired of hearing all the hype! Our local TV network is ABC, so even our local news is required to talk about them! They’re probably sick of it too. LOL

  2. I have a very dear friend who is an avid fan of movies and, especially, the Oscars. In spite of the fact that I told him years ago that the awards are rigged and that The Full Monty is a far better movie than Shakespeare In Love, we’ve remained close and dear friends, lol! 😉 xoxoM

    1. I’d hate to think your friendship would end over the Oscars! But surely your friend knows about all the money spent to sway those who vote for the winners.

  3. I enjoy movies, but don’t really care about the awards. I haven’t watched them in years. I think the last time I even paid much attention at all was when Lord of the Rings was nominated. If no movies I particularly care about are in the running, I don’t car to watch. And who says or wear what, I don’t care about at all. I’ve seen things on Facebook about boycotting the awards, but since I don’t watch anyway, it makes no difference to me.

  4. The first Oscar ceremony was held in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. The winners had been told in advance that they’d won, and the entire ceremony took all of 20 or 30 minutes. Now the damn thing is almost like the Superbowl: they start several days before the actual event; pre-show antics take a few hours; and the final show lasts all night. How they manage to pick X number of candidates for each category is almost laughable to me. For example, Russell Crowe was named Best Actor of 2000 for his role in “Gladiator,” which was one of the most poorly-acted movies I’ve ever seen. The late Katherine Hepburn won 4 Best Actress Oscars, but if you ever saw any of her movies, you could always tell it was her. She was so arrogant she could never meld into her characters. She didn’t act; she just behaved in a certain way.

    It’s purely spectacle. I never took that shit seriously.

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