A Weekend with Rumpy

Rumpy will not stay in the same room with me.

Maybe it’s because I take so many photos?

At first I thought it was the temp of the room, because the living room tends to be warmer than the bedroom. But this weekend I noticed when I entered the room where he lay, he’d soon get up and move to the other room. If I tried to engage him in some interaction, he’d leave sooner. I asked him why, but he just looks at me.

Rumpy mostly sleeps, but he does enjoy going outside. He doesn’t have much stamina, and a walk around the yard can wear him out. Mostly we stand and he sniffs the air and listens to what’s happening out there. His appetite is fair. I do get him to eat and take his meds thanks to his love of chicken and peanut butter.

Bubba Cat has quickly gone downhill and I don’t expect him to be with us much longer. He isn’t eating well and mostly sleeps on top of the towels in the bathroom closet. I’m not surprised, really. Bubba and Rumpy have always been close.

I had treats. He was interested enough to stay.
Today I am grateful for time outside, cookies eaten, and photos taken. For a weekend spent together, even if much of it wasn’t spent in the same room.

As long as he knows I love him, that’s all that matters.





48 thoughts on “A Weekend with Rumpy

  1. Dear Jenny, Rumpy feels you and doesn’t want to see you in sadness, Try to act as before, I know it is not easy. I was same as you with my other cat. They feel inside of our heart and mind… He is so adorable, dear Jenny, My best wishes and love to you all, Thanks, nia

      1. no you agan misunderstand me dear Jenny. Sorry if I make you sad, but this wasn’t what I tried to say. Rumpy tries to protect you not want you to make sad. Sorry dear Jenny I felt so sad now.

  2. I feel for you, it must be hard. Rumpy knows you love him though and he loves you, no matter what is causing him to go in another room. Sending hugs.

  3. Dear Jen, Rumpy and knows how much you love him and care about him. I’m sure that he loves you and you are the most important lady in his life. Dogs are very smart animal and they try to stay with their human as long as they can, I believe. We are sending lots of love to Rumpy and to you, Jen.

  4. Maybe Rumpy knows, how much you love him and when he stays with you in your room he is too alert with loving you back and cannot stay calm enough to pace himself.
    My thoughts are with you all.

  5. Rumpy knows you love him… you can see it in that sweet face in both pictures. Hugs to you. When Z Cat was so sick before we helped her pass, I had to give her shots for congestion and she started to run from me. Broke my heart and I did worry that she didn’t think I loved her anymore, that she didn’t trust me. Rumpy loves peanut butter? ♥

  6. Dakota’s been doing that to me too. I went outside to sit with him while I was working… he went inside. Since I didn’t want to be outside by myself in the chill, I went back inside. 30 seconds later Dakota was back outside sleeping on the patio. Malamutes….

  7. Jen,my heart breaks for you. Rumpy is so lucky to have you. Sometimes my Izzy will do the whole avoiding thing too,I call it her,”me time”. When she is done she’ll come and hangout with me again.

  8. Just one look at Rumpy’s eyes and the expression on his face and it says how much he loves you. I feel so sad for you at this time. I wish you peace for all the time you will spend with Rumpy and Bubba Cat.

  9. Sorry to hear Rumpy is feeling moody. My cat is going through a period of being less affectionate. The only time she pays me any attention is when I’m going to the bathroom and she reaches under the door to try and scratch my feet. I’ve been pretending to go to the bathroom more and more.

  10. So sorry to hear this. I have two fur babies at home and I can’t imagine. Hugs are being sent your way!

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