Mascara and Coffee Creamer-What Do They Have in Common?

Happy Friday! I know you’re busy getting ready for the weekend. Here in Tennessee we’re doing our regular milk and bread run for the snow that may come Saturday night and melt pretty quickly Sunday. Ah, but can you have snow without milk and bread? I think not! I bought chocolate soymilk, just because.

In my never-ending quest to find great vegan products, I share with you a couple of my latest finds. And nope, not paid to hawk any of these items.

First, powdered coffee creamer made from coconut milk.

Simple Truth is one of the Kroger stores’ store brand names.
This is huge! Most non-dairy creamers still contained lactose, so to now have a creamer that is totally dairy-free is awesome!!!  And way past due, in my opinion. I went ahead and splurged because I had a digital coupon good for 5 uses. Apparently so did a lot of other people because I picked up the last original container off the shelf.

So, how does it taste? Meh. I mean, those of you who do the powdered creamer thing will like it because it has a similar taste and consistency. But if you’re like me and use a liquid creamer, you’re going to have to adapt. I’ll probably take this into work and use it up.

Next up is waffles from the makers of Ezekiel Bread.

This isn’t a new product, but this week is the first time I was willing to pony up the $7 to buy a box. There are 6 waffles per package, and they look like this:

Sprouted grain waffles!



Simply pop in the toaster set on medium and here’s my 110 calorie sprouted grain snack. These waffles are not sweet, and didn’t have an apple taste. They are amazingly light and have a nice crunch. But why bother? I can have a slice of toast for a lot less. I recommend you pass on these unless you have money to blow and a kid who simply must have waffles.






But there is one product that I absolutely love!




Endlessly Beautiful mascara is organic, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free, and simply the best mascara I have ever used (and at my age, I’ve used a lot of different kinds of mascara). Application is everything. Apply a light coat to lashes. Don’t go overboard or the mascara will clump. Before the first coat dries, go back and add a second coat. Then go through your day without irritated eyes or raccoon shadow by mid-afternoon.

Endlessly Beautiful is available as a Prime purchase at Amazon dot com. The $20 cost is reasonable, and far less than what you’re paying for other natural products. I bought my first tube at Christmas and I’m still using it.







Now I  know you’re wondering how the Rumpster is getting on. He’s eating. He likes short trips outside to smell everything. But mostly he sleeps. His breathing is heavy even when awake.

I think he’s coming to grips with the fact that he’s dying. He has now taken to remaining close to me. Last night i sat in the floor and he laid close and contentedly let me scratch his head. My poor sweet dog. His last lesson for me is he will teach me to die.


18 thoughts on “Mascara and Coffee Creamer-What Do They Have in Common?

  1. I want the wafers… they look absolutely great!!! I will look if we can get them online…
    Hugs to you and the cookie saurus… you are in my thoughts and I wish I could do a miracle…

  2. My pets have taught me so much… live with dignity and humor and make sure we let our pets die with the dignity and respect that they deserve. I think of you and Rumpy every day. I love Ezekiel bread but I will pass on the waffles. CH is happy with any generic buttermilk waffle he can pop in the toaster. I am interested in the mascara!

  3. Very interesting post about Coffee Creamer and Mascara!
    Thank you very much for your update about Rumpster…..I think of him everyday how he goes….whenever I look at his pictures, I still can’t believe he is dying…..I fear it very much like I did fear it for my Kevin……Rumpy…..I love you so much……you’re one of the precious dogs I’ve ever met….(well….I haven’t met you in real though…..)
    I’m praying for you…Rumpy…. for your family and for your Jen….. hugs

  4. Great finds! I’m on the lookout for sprouted grain bread. Haven’t found any yet. I didn’t realise how little sugar is in creamers a coconut one sounds awesome! I’m feeling guilty with my chocolate coconut milk there’s a fair bit of sugar in it grr,

  5. I hope the waffles are outstanding. Maybe you could invest in a waffle maker? And maybe Rumpie is still teaching you unconditional love? Great, more tears. Rough week. 😪

    1. What is a greater demonstration of unconditional love than to share one’s death with a loved one? I think this idea we all have that we’re never doing to die is foolish. I will die one day, and at my age, I’m a lot closer to death than to birth. So why not learn to do so with dignity and with love? That is what I want for my dog. That’s what I want for myself also.

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