Tiny Little Furry Monsters

I have created monsters! Tiny little furry monsters.

When Rumpy had pneumonia, I started feeding him chicken to get him to eat. Now he insists on it. I mix it in with kibble and he eats all the chicken and most of the kibble. Otherwise he won’t eat his dog food.

Now Bubba has decided he wants chicken too. He follows me and meows, such a forlorn sound, whenever I walk in the kitchen. Doesn’t matter if I’m getting coffee or a snack, or washing dishes… and I hate washing dishes. I swear, it’s one of my least favorite chores. But it’s even worse when you’re up to your elbows in dirty dishes and your cat cries non-stop for you to quit what you’re doing and give him some chicken.

The worst part is that half the time when I give Bubba chicken, he won’t eat it. He looks at the chicken, looks around, then leaves. So I pick up the chicken and follow him around to give it to him. And there’s still a sink full of dishes to wash… dishes that would have BEEN WASHED if he’d just have waited two minutes. Damn cat.


You know he’s not the only cat wanting chicken, don’t you? Of course June Buggie wants some too. I think he wants some just because Bubba does. He wants whatever Bubba’s got.

I have to feed Bubba away from the others, so I put him in the bathroom to eat. Then I give Buggie the EXACT SAME FOOD on the counter. But does he eat it? Oh, a few bites. Then he runs to the bathroom and sits at the door waiting for me to open it so he can run in and eat Bubba’s food. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he?

In the end, neither one of them ends up eating all their food, so I put it in the floor to share, because neither can jump up on the counter. And you know who ends up eating it? The dog.

It drives me crazy, but it’s insanity of my own choosing. Contrast that with the insanity of yet another politician that is forced upon us. In defending his belief he knows better than a woman and her doctor what’s best for her, this dumbass politician who loves Jesus said some stupid shit about how women should bear the babies of the men who rape them because it’s God’s will.

Ya know, if there was a God, you’d think just ONCE it would be his or her will that one of those stuffed-shirt assholes would find their asshole stuffed with a rapist’s… well, you know what. But no, those white men aren’t raped, or beaten by their partners, or berated for dressing too provocatively, or shamed for gaining weight, or denied a job because of their gender. They have the pipeline to God, and God told them that he wants little girls whose fathers rape them to carry their daddy’s baby to term. Such compassion makes me want to vomit. And it also makes me an atheist.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish there was a God. Who wouldn’t want a fairy godmother to send a parking spot when needed or fix the game so your team wins… or heal your dog from cancer. Funny how the more well off you are, the more that God seems to give you. The rest are told they’re not getting their prayers answered because they need to read the Bible more, or pray the right way, or donate more money to their preacher.

After looking for the elusive God for many years I finally figured out that everything I have in my life, I gave myself. And if I want something different, I’m gonna get it by going for it. To me, God is a fairy tale that you can believe if you want to. I’ve got my own fairy tale, and that’s why I buy a lottery ticket regularly.

Right now what I want is for my dog to stay as healthy as he can for as long as he can, and that goal is best accomplished by making sure he’s taking in proper nutrition. To get him to do that, I feed him chicken.

And I will suffer the tiny little furry monsters.

32 thoughts on “Tiny Little Furry Monsters

  1. I feel your pain (laughing). Because when I got Scarlett she was a mess physically and emotionally. So many meds – internal, external. Sometimes seemingly infernal. So I got high value (to dogs) wet dog food that I could hide magical potions and herbs in, little charms of health that don’t taste so good but can be hidden away. It was easier to lure her into it rather than stuffing mundane medicines down her throat to keep her alive.

    And now…neither McKinley or Scarlett NEED the wet food, but the sheer JOY on her face. I’ve been trained. Of course, McKinley likes it too, but she’s never been abused and starved. When I head to the kitchen Scarlett DANCES she’s so excited. And so I spend too much on dog food that isn’t all that great for them to add to their enjoyment of the morning. Sometimes one or the other of them decides not to eat it and I set it aside for later and if it isn’t consumed then out it goes because my girl has a girth problem. The rest of the day is high-end kibble. Some SPCA provides, some I provide because the girls are grazers and like to stand side by side and take a nibble together.

    As I say on my dog blog, God is Dog spelled backwards. πŸ™‚

  2. I am always teased that my 7 furry little monsters eat better than I do. Chicken has been part of my huskies diets since I got them as puppies and if the dogs have chicken so must the cats so twice a week I fill the slow cooker with chicken for the furry kids. But it is all worth it and I will never regret feeding them a healthy yet expensive diet. My bank account may however groan but it is well worth it. I am glad Rumpy is eating.

  3. my grampy once said, do it once and it is special… do it twice then it is law :o))) enjoy the chicken Rumpy, maybe then you will find the answer why that chicken crossed the road ;o)

  4. Chicken for one, chicken for all!

    Food on the floor belongs to the dog – I thought everyone knew that. πŸ˜‰

  5. Mildred Dunlap said what I wanted to say only better and in a much more organized way. I was going to say that I loved this post… loved. I thought it was funny. It made me laugh on the couch all by myself. And then when you typed about that dumbass politician and God I read every word and thought, yes. I am not an atheist but I am a fallen away Catholic and at 65 years old I struggle with God and whether there is a heaven. And then I read your last two paragraphs I thought to myself, I would love to sit down with this woman… she loves her animals and she might, just might have worked out how life works. Then I read the very last sentence and I smiled.

    1. I figured out a story that works for me. The good news is we get to choose our own reality. The bad news is we think we can then force that reality on others

  6. Advice I’ve gotten from more than one vet : If your animal is very sick and they won’t eat the special diet they are supposed to, just get them to EAT, whatever they will eat ! Bless you and your furries !

    1. Sounds like good advice to me. I want Rumpy’s last days to be happy, not filled with me fighting him to eat. So chicken for everyone- except me. I’m vegan.

  7. I’m so glad to hear that Rumpy keeps eating his food with chicken! I hope, too that he stays as healthy as he can as long as he can.
    My kitties behave like Bubba and Junior, too….I mean they believe that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’…..my cats often leave their food which is waste of food….

  8. Are you sure they’re not all in cahoots, Jen? I mean, the trail of the bulk of the food seems to lead straight to Rumpy! Hee hee. πŸ™‚

  9. I have a 15 year old cat that meowed when I grilled any meat.. Would not leave me alone until she got some. That was when she was younger. Now it is anytime I go in kitchen to prepare a meal. I can’t give her chicken anymore as it gives her diarrhea. She has no problem with fish. She still does the same meowing you described for that chicken. It is the hardest not to give it to her. I give her and both my dogs sardines. It doesn’t bother me anymore after months of that diarrhea smell the cat made. Sardines smelled good after that. I dislike doing the dishes also. My hardest thing is going and actually starting them. Once I get going I am good. Please do not forget to comment Amen on a facebook post so you will get your wishes and become rich because you know God is always scrolling facebook to accommodate those who type Amen! lol My thoughts are with you and Rumpy. My eldest dog is BabyGirl She is a German Shapard Mix .She will be 12 in May and in good health. I am thankful for that.

    1. I’m glad she is as well, and I hope you are together for many years to come. As for the sardines, I’d go there if that’s what it takes.

  10. Ha! I told himself over and over NOT to give the dog and the cats treats all at the same time, or they would pester him unendingly. Did he listen? Yeah, no.
    At least my boys will eat safely on the table and at the same time. I can’t imagine following them around with the Good Stuff.
    And, screw that jackass in exactly the ways you imagine. I’m also in the atheist camp, for those reasons and more. Why can’t people be as good as dogs and cats without the threat of neverending pain? I don’t get it. Well, I don’t need it, and you don’t either. You are a good person, obviously.

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