A Fond Farewell from Rumpy

Dear friends,

I have fought the good fight, but I told Jen I am tired and ready to go.

One last smile before I go.

I am sad to say good-bye to Jen and to the kitties- even June Buggie.

And I am sad to say good-bye to you.

But my body is tired, and no amount of sleep or cookies makes me feel better.

So remember me fondly, and know that no matter what, your old pal Rumpy loves ya!


the Cookiesaurus

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153 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell from Rumpy

  1. I am so very sorry!!! Murphy sends paw hugs and love. You will be surrounded by many anipals Rumpy but you will still be missed!

    1. I am so sorry that you have to leave us – but I send my love and hugs to you and to June Buggie and of course to your precious Mum. ❤

    2. Oh Rumpy this is very bad news and very sad news. I have loved having you as a friend for so many years now and I know how much Aladdin loved you too, especially when you wrote that wonderful blog for him. Rumpy I know Aladdin and lots of friends will be waiting for you at the bridge and will make you welcome so don’t be afraid, Lots of love for you. We are sending love to Mom Jen and also June Buggie ❤

  2. I don’t want to like this. Sending love and light for both of you and all the kitties in the household. Thank you for bringing your human and feline family to us. We’ll be thinking of you.

  3. Very sorry to hear of Rumpy’s passing. He will be sorely missed, we will think of him often, such a great dog. You gave him such a great life and did everything possible to keep him comfortable right to the end. Sending love from me and Charlie x

  4. I am so sorry to read this sad news about our beloved Rumpy. I always enjoyed his comments and posts. My thoughts are with you, my dear Jen.

  5. So Sorry Rumpy with meows, hugs and love. U will be missed by Midnight and I. U will see Sophie up there at the rainbow bridge to play. Midnight sends her meows to you.

    Mary Ann and Midnight

  6. My heart is in a million pieces for you and for Jen. I will miss seeing you. Safe travels to the Bridge – I have a lot of family there who will welcome you.

  7. Farewell Rumpy. I’m so sorry you have to go but I understand. You are so loved and will be missed greatly. Mac left recently too. We’ll help take care of Jen and the kitties, even June Buggie. (((hugs)))

  8. We’re so sorry to hear that it is your time to head to the Rainbow Bridge. We are sending warm hugs and kisses to your mom and the kitties. We know they all will miss you very much.

    Millie, Walter and mom Cindy

  9. Awww! Rumpy, you did your absolute best! ❤
    Jen and gang, from experience, there are no good words to express the loss of an animal companion. For me, the only comforting solace is knowing our beloves are no longer in pain, and I picture vividly their romps of wholeness and freedom with fur flying, and eagerly involved in their favorite adventures. Godspeed, Rumpy! ♡♡♡

  10. Oh Rumpy, our cookie monster, we are so sad your time has come to cross the bridge. Journey well our furfriend. Big hugs to Jen and thankyou for sharing this beautiful soul with us. Gentle wooos from us, Khumbu, Kyra, Rita, Arko and hu’mum x

  11. Your decision, Jen, exemplifies such love.. To write anything else would diminish that. Just know that I am crying with you, today and for many days to come..

  12. We are so sorry it was time for you to go Rumpy. We send love and hugs to Jen and those you left behind. Run free and romp like you mean it.

  13. Rumpy, our beautiful friend. We will miss you so very much and sharing cookies wiffs you. We’re very sad but knows that you were very tired so run free at Rainbow Bridge. Prayers for Mummy Jen and big hugs for her too. Lots of Love, Max, Sid and Mum G. xxx

  14. I will miss you, Rumpy. I often thought of you as I believe you are one of the first couple blogs I first followed once making my own blog. You are such a GOOD DOG. Having seeing this post breaks my heart and has tears streaming down my face. I am so sorry, Jen. Sending strength and hugs your way!

    Paws (Jenny) & Storm

  15. So Sorry .You will do much better when you travel across the Rainbow Bridge.It will be hard on your family at first ,but I’m sure they will understand.Big Hugs and Much Love to you in your journey and also to Your Family and Furbaby Brothers &Sisters.Please give a big Wood to My Forever Buddy Falcor.He’ll be so glad to play with you ! Farewell Rumpy

  16. I said what I wanted to say on your FB page, Rumps. You and Jen are in my thoughts today.
    I donated to Noah’s Bark (local shelter) this morning on behalf of my mate, Rumpy.
    Much love to you both, from the other side of the world. Thanks for being fantastic — and thanks, Jen for inspiring us to do what we can for all animals. x

  17. Jen I am so sorry about Rumpy and will keep you both in my prayers. Rumpy you’ve been a great friend and inspiration and your posts will be missed. You certainly were loved by so many, most especially Jen

  18. just no words only tears and a broken heart can say what words are lacking. I knew you from the start, sweet dogs, sweet kitties and caring fur kid parents. What adventures have been shared. And so many that have gone ahead of you, and will be waiting to greet you, and those here will one day see you also. So much love and light Dear Rumpy…so loved…you will live on in hearts…xoxo CatSeye

  19. Rumpy, you will be missed terribly, but you will never be forgotten ! I’m sure you have plenty of friends togreet you over the Bridge. but if you ever want to play with some Elkhounds. six of mine are over there.

  20. Rumpy, We will miss you and always remember you whenever we eat cookies or our Mommy eats cookies. Much love to Jen! Dennis and Emily, and their Meomy

  21. Oh Rumpy – I am so sorry you had to leave now but last year I got the same message from my Angel Shiloh – I hope you two meet up, up there in heaven. I know it is not easy for Jen now but she knows it was what was best for you and she loves you too much not to do that.

    Jen – I am so sorry that you had to say goodbye to Rumpy – I really hoped and prayed that you would have more time with him. Praying for you now to find smiles and sweet memories of your dear Rumpy.
    Mom Kim

  22. I am heartbroken, dear Rumpy. I will miss you so, so much. You have given so much to us all, and brought us so much joy, just by being you. For that, I will be eternally grateful, and your spirit will live on in my heart and memories always. I love you, Rumpy. Fly free, dear friend.

    Sending much love, condolences and good thoughts to Jen. Thank you for loving Rumpy so much, and so well.

  23. I have always loved Rumpy’s blog but haven’t been able to visit as much as I’d like for quite a while. Words don’t help much when a heart is broken, but we hope it helps to know others care. A warm hug,Jen.

  24. Rumpy, you are always part of beautiful memory even though we only know by WordPress, Instagram and Twitter. Run and play in heaven. Visit us once in a while ya….


  25. Love to Rumpy. That’s a yellow lab in first pic right ? Looks just like my over 30 years ago long gone Muzzi. Never had another dog since. I hope I see her in heaven and much more than most humans.

  26. I’ll miss you, Rumpy. I wlll always remember your happy smiles and wisdom. Fly high. (Who knew dogs had wings?) Be at peace.

    Hugs to you, Jen. Know there are many who care about you and the animal welfare you support.

  27. Oh we are so sad! Rumpy seems to have been a part of our lives for ever! You go happy on your way big guy. You will be very much missed, especially by Jen and your anipals, but also by us far and wide who loved seeing your handsome face! Just think, cookies will no longer be rationed!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. So sorry for your loss. Nothing much pierces the heart more. Rumpy, look for Simon, Jesse and Sammy they’ll be new friends! Sending doggie love from Layla, Annabelle, Lyza Jane, Wooby, JoJo, Chase and Buddy.

  29. Utterly heartbroken for you all. Rumpster I am going to miss you ever so much. Give my Bella some licks and loves when you see her. You’re taking a piece of my heart with you. Thanks for being our friend buddy – we love you. Jen, there are no words to say other than you will be in my thoughts and I’m sending you love and strength at this awfully sad time. Be as kind to yourself as you can be. When you wonder how the world can seemingly just go on as normal when you are so sad, know we are with you. Big love, MJ, Love Bug and Beary xox

  30. My condolences to Jen and the gang. Rumpy you showed us that Malamutes and cats can coexist and is the reason that we have two Mals and two Siamese in our household.

  31. Oh, Rumpy, I am so so sad and sorry you have to leave us. Safe journey to the Bridge, dear boy, and say hello to my boy, Rosko, when you get there . . . . . . With love and respect from Maureen, Solo, Krissy and Tess xxxxx

  32. I don’t know what else to say, Jen, except you have my condolences on Rumpy’s passing. Just remember, you gave him the best home possible. I also hope this doesn’t mean you will end your blog. Like the rest of us, you have a lot to say, and it’s important and needs to be heard.

  33. My heart breaks for you, but so glad that Rumpy is now out of pain. He will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge where we all will meet the ones that have left us too soon! God bless and keep you.

  34. Goodbye sweet, sweet boy. We hope you are in a better place where you are no longer tired and there are lots of treats. Our hearts and deepest condolences are with your Jen.

  35. My heart is breaking for you all Jen. Rumpy truly did fight the good fight. Rumpy you were a beautiful Angel here on Earth and will forever be a beautiful Angel watching over all of those you love and all of those who love you. You will forever be in our hearts and in our thoughts. Rest in Paradise sweet Rumpy. Big hugs and lots love to you all Jen, June Buggie and family. Sending big hugs and so much love up to you sweet Rumpy from me and the kids ❤ ❤ ❤

  36. Our hearts are breaking Rumpy because we don’t like to see you go. We’re so sorry that it had to end this way. We’ll look for your star in the sky every night, and I’m sure it iwll be the one shinning the brigtest! You will be dearly missed Rumpy by all weho knew you. Fly high sweet boy. M sends Jen hugs HUGS as we know her heart is beyond broken.

  37. Rumpy darling, Admiral Hestorb abd me, Katie and Mommy too have known you a good long while. I love you and I don’t want to see you go. I will miss you terribly and I will NEVER ever forget you. You were among Admiral’s first furriends and she will welcome you with open paws at the Bridge. God speed dear Rumpy.

  38. Ah, no! I’m so sorry! You’ll be so missed, Rumpy. My deepest sympathies to Jen, and I know you will be reunited with her and JuneBuggie and all the others one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

  39. So sorry, buddy. We will miss you, but you will live forever in our hearts and memories. You loved well and were well-loved. RIP, R. Prayers for your family to heal. Watch over them.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake and Mom

  40. So very sorry for your loss. We so understand how you must be feeling. When they leave us, there is such a feeling of emptiness throughout the house. But Rumpy will forever be in your heart. Soft woos and gentle hugs from all of us.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty and Mom

  41. Rumpy I’m writing this through tears. It is amazing that we know you and Jen only through Facebook and yet I feel close to you. I loved reading about your escapades with the cats and Jen. You are the sweetest Cookiemonster on Facebook. I hope your travels over the Bridge is easy. As you go over the Bridge you will be able to breathe, be energized, have no pain. BJ loved and Duncan and I love you and Jen and will miss you.

  42. I will miss you Rumpydog old pal. I’m sure you will come back soon from the spirit world as a bright sassy little puppy to bring love and companionship to a new family. And maybe this time there won’t be a pesky 🐈 cat.

  43. Reblogged this on bumpyroadtobubba and commented:
    I am heartbroken all over again today as we wish a safe journey over the Rainbow Bridge to our friend Rumpy, and send much love to Jen and the kitties.

    If love could save our furry friends, they’d life forever.

    Thanks for sharing your goofy smile and journey with us Rumpster. We’ll miss you and your cookie antics a lot. x

  44. Oh noes. I am so sorry to hear abouts sweet Rumpy. I knows this is goin’ to be a hard time, butts always know that Rumpy is always with you, and is in pain no more. Sendin’ lots of AireZens and {{{hugs}}} and slobbery kisses.
    Ruby ♥

  45. Rumpy, we have loved being friends with you and we will take care of Jen. You will be missed. We love you so much! ~ Mandy the Corgi and momma! Jen, I am so very sorry. Rumpy is such a special boy. I know you will miss him and we will always remember him. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Lori Ray

  46. Grandma here. Gonna miss you Sweet Boy. Carry a big kiss and lots of Grandma love over that Bridge. Glad I got to see you before you left. Kiss mommy for me and tell her I love her too.

  47. Farewell dear sweetheart may you find your way across that rainbow bridge to meet all we have lost to play in a place without pain. May your family find peace in the memories of the life you shared.

  48. Goodbye Rumpy. You were there when I discovered blogging and you have always been an inspiration to me and I am sure to many who have followed you. Part of you will always live on in the hearts and memories of so many people that have been touched by your compassion, your humor and your campaign for a better world. What better epitaph can anyone have? I know that nothing ever really dies. We all came from the stars and we will all return to the stars. Shine brightly my friend.

  49. Goodbye dear boy. So sorry to see you go and I hope you know you will be sorely missed. Our thoughts go to your mum Rumpy boy. Enjoy the new adventures across the bridge; I hope may your mama finds comfort when recalling your life’s adventures. 💔

  50. Oh Rumpy, I am so sorry that it’s your time to go. But I would rather miss you than have here and being miserable. Fly wild and free sweet, sweet boy. RIP, I love you. tears

  51. Oh Jen. It is the saddest of days. I can imagine the Rumpster up there where there are big spaces to run around and lots of trees to mark. Hope he finds Jamima and they are friends. Sad, just sad. Don’t disappear. Not so cheery, H☹️

  52. Thank you so much for sharing your smiles and stories, Rumpy. Rest peacefully and enjoy all the cookies you can eat. Big hugs to Jen and your furry sibilings. We are sending our love ❤

  53. Farewell, Rumpy. All my boys and girls are waiting for you and they will surely be very happy to see you. Fly well into your new world. I will cry for you and all of mine who have gone before.

  54. Farewell Rumpster. You will be missed. I’ve only known you through the posts here and on facebook, but it’s clear you’ve touched the hearts of many. I even remember how I found the blog here. I was doing a google search for Malamute pictures. I saw one of you sitting on a deck. Your looks are so close to that of my Dakota that I thought someone had stolen a picture of him and claiming it as their own. (further inspection of the background soon showed that it wasn’t Dakota).
    It’s clear from the posts and from the comments that you are well loved, I have no doubt that there is a Silver Harness waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

  55. I’m so sad to hear this news. Goodbye sweet Rumpy – may you rest in peace. Thanks for making the world a brighter place. Jen, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  56. Dearest Rumpy, I’m very sad…..still can’t believe that you are not there….your gorgeour smile always made my day much happier….there are so many words that I want to tell you….so many…..it is hard to choose some……Rumpy….I already miss you….thank you very much for sharing your happy life with us on social media. I was so lucky to have met you on twitter. You bravely fought so hard until your last day……please please rest in peace…..My Angel Kevin is there….Sage, DeDe and Malachi, too…..Rumpy….everyone will miss you…..I still love you so much, Rumpy. Dear Jen…..I’m very very sorry for your loss…..I’m worried of you……

  57. Good-bye Rumpy. You leave a large empty spot. Well-done, though. You brought a lot of love and inspiration to the world and you leave Jen changed for having known You (in a very good way). There is no higher praise for a friend. Well-done, indeed.

  58. I am SHOCKED and deeply, deeply heartbroken by this news. Jen, I am so deeply sorry!!!!! Everyone loved Rumpy soooooooo much!! (I feel awful because I thought you had stopped blogging because I stopped receiving your blog via email), I didn’t know anything about Rumpy being ill until now. I wish I could give you a hug. Thank you for sharing Rumpy with all of us, he brought us many, many laughs, smiles and sadly…now………a flood of tears. He will be sorely missed and remembered always, with love ((((hugs))))

  59. Dear Jen and June Buggie we are so sorry to read that Rumpy has traveled OTRBB…
    Run free and w/o pain handsome Rumpy
    Madi and Mom

  60. We are so sorry sweet Rumpy that you had to go. We are all going to miss you very much. We leave warm, gentle hugs and nose kisses for sweet Jen and sweet June Buggie. Run free sweet Rumpy, run free.

  61. Oh awnty Jen, we’re so sorry fur your loss. We know Rumpy’s young and healthy and happy once again. We’re sendin’ hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  62. Oh, Rumpy, we will miss you so. 😢 Please find my Gibson and so many friends waiting beyond the Rainbow Bridge for you, handsome Rumpydog. Our heart is so heavy for your Momma and June Buggie. You will be loved forever, Rumpy. Gib tells me there’s cookies for miles and miles there to eat whenever you want. Run free, beautiful Rumpy. Jen, I am so sorry… Rumpy will be in all our hearts always. Big, big hugs to you. 💞 xoxo

  63. Oh, my God. I’m so sorry for your loss, Jen. We all knew it was coming, but it still hurts. My genuine condolences on your loss. Sleep well, dear Rumpy. You were loved, your whole life.

  64. I am so sad reading this. Even via just your blog, it was obvious that Rumpy was a very special guy.

    Sending lots of hugs your way. And a safe journey to doggie heaven Rumpy. Never to be forgotten.

  65. Rumpy, you will be missed. Our sympathies to your wonderful mom and your kitty friends. Please say hello to our sisters and brothera on the other side of the bridge.

  66. Rumpy – You were one of our first blog friends when Mom started DogDaz. Your stories and adventures and your life with June Buggie were always something we looked forward to sharing. You fought a valiant fight and we know that you are free now in that big meadow in the sky. It is never easy for those left behind but know that you left such a wonderful life for all to remember. Hugs, licks, and kisses to Your family – Your friends at DogDaz Zoo – Louise, Sofie Bear, Charles, Noel, Nine, Stella, Mini Cooper and the Zookeeper, Lorian

  67. Rumpy we were so furry sad to learn mew have departed fur The Rainbow Bridge, rest in peace beautiful one ❤️❤️❤️

    Soft purrs and gentle hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  68. I read backwards and feared I’d be reading this news….I am so very sad to read this. My eyes filled with tears and I don’t even know your little fur family. Just know you’ve touched me, and I will be praying you find peace.

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