June Buggie’s Latest Vet Visit

Today I took June Buggie back to the vet because he has not gotten any better.


The vet found a tumor on his neck beneath his right ear. The tumor is huge- about the size of a golf ball. It’s not observable because it’s located deep. The vet said that she’s not sure if removal is a possibility because of location. We’d have to do a CT scan to see if it’s entangled in his spine and/or nervous system.

But all that is irrelevant because surgery at this point would be risky. June Buggie’s hyperthyroidism is not under control and he hasn’t been eating.

The vet gave June Buggie a steroid shot to see if it will shrink the tumor and stimulate his appetite. We go back in a week for follow-up.

I am resigned to the fact that I will most likely soon say good-bye to Junior. Please keep us in your thoughts.

47 thoughts on “June Buggie’s Latest Vet Visit

  1. I hope the shot will help and maybe the tumor will be smaller when you see the vet again… hugs to you and to June Buggie… I hope so much that it will not happen again so shortly after you lost Rumpy….

  2. So sorry. 😦 I had two cats die within a short amount of time. Grief on grief. 😦 I hope June Buggie gets better and the shot works.

  3. Steroids can sometimes do amazing things. I hope they at least give you some more time with June Bug. When it rains, it pours, and it’s really not fair.

  4. Oh no….I’m very sorry to hear about June Buggie…I’m so shocked, too….I love June Buggie since I saw him for the first time on your blog….Oh….June Buggie….I’m praying very hard for you get feeling better……you’re in my thoughts…..

  5. I want to believe that the powers that be, never give us more than we can handle. As hard as this all is, you have been blessed with Rumpy and June Buggy for many happy days. Best of luck in the coming days and may she not suffer. Our thoughts are with you – Lorian and the DogDaz Zoo

  6. Damn. We’re so sorry to hear this, Jen and June Buggie. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

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