And When it Rains, it Pours…

Because just when you thought things could not possibly get any worse…

Bubba is not doing so well.


Sleeping a lot is not uncommon, but the hiding is.


Lately he’s taken to sleeping in the bathroom closet. This morning after he ate breakfast, Bubba jumped from the sink to a shelf in the bathroom closet and napped on the towels. I had field work to complete today, so I left him there. He was in the same spot when I got home. He came out to cuddle and fuss at me for awhile. Now he’s asleep under the end table in the living room.

I haven’t rushed to the vet because he’s eating, drinking water, and peeing. He just had bloodwork done a month ago and all was OK. And besides, this could be a case of me being hyper-sensitive.

I confess another reason I’ve resisted making the call is that lately going to the vet has been nothing but bad news.

Bubba at his last vet appointment a month ago.

Before you fear the worst, let me say that vets have been telling me for 4 years now that Bubba was at the end of his 9th life, yet he’s outlived DeDe, Rumpy, Malachi, and his brother June Buggie. I’m not counting him out now either.

But I am concerned.

Do you think I should take him in?

51 thoughts on “And When it Rains, it Pours…

  1. I guess I would take him in just to be sure. When cats hide, it could mean something. Mario was doing that and was recently diagnosed with an inflamed Pancreas, which is very painful. Thoughts will be with you.

  2. Couldn’t he be grieving in the way that cats do? After our dog died in January, our other dogs moped around and were generally out-of-sorts and subdued for weeks. Since his blood work was good, I might wait for more symptoms before I worried.

  3. Eating, drinking, peeing and being social with you are all good things and generally indicate that no critical illness is present. He may not be hiding, just finding a new place to sleep. It could be that things among the household have changed after Rumpy and June Buggie have left and Bubba just doesn’t want to be a part of that mix at his age. He also has to get used to life without them in his own right. If he misses a meal or doesn’t respond to you, I’d take him in. Sending purrs.

  4. Is Bubbz losing weight? If he was close to June Buggie and spent time together then he could just be grieving or finding a new place to hang outl

  5. Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear this . . . Lots of good points have already been made, but I think on balance I’d be inclined to get him checked by the vet, just for peace of mind. If there is a medical problem then hopefully that could be dealt with, and I would want to be assured that he was not in any pain. On the other hand he may well just be pining and unsettled and feeling his age – the poor boy must be feeling a bit lonely, sad and confused right now. 😦 Sending {{{hugs}}} . . .

  6. Difficult one this as it could be he just misses Rumpy and June Buggy,the fact the he is eating well and toileting and spending time with you makes me more inclined to think that is all it is.Just keep an eye on him and if something changes then take him in to the vets to get checked out.You can always talk to the vet over the phone to see what he thinks as well that way you’re covering all bases,xx many hugs to you,xx Rachel and Speedy

  7. Oh no…you are going through so much…I was wondering, too, if maybe he is missing June Buggie and Rumpy. My Harley was so depressed after Gibson passed, I was really worried about her. Thankfully, she did rally back within a couple weeks. I’d take him in just to get check…and I hope it is something that he will soon come out of. I am thinking of you and sending you hugs.

  8. With all the positives of eating, peeing, social etc., I would think it’s grieving. Keep close eye on him, as I know you will. Any changes that cause worry, then seek vet’s opinion. just my 2 cents.

  9. I’m thinking he’s depressed. I have noticed mine start doing odd things after a loss. I would not be surprised with all the recent changes in his life.

  10. Hi Jen, I think Bubba might be grieving. I remember when we lost our cockatiel a few years ago, when we had Freda, my last dog, she had known him ever since she came with the handler, for a home check from the dog rescue. (We wanted to make sure she was okay with birds before committing. When he died, she moped about and we both grieved together. It’s very hard for us all when we lose someone close and Bubba might just need extra cuddles and attention whilst going through this process. It is still early days for you both. Sending love and hugs to you both.

  11. Oh I am so very sorry to read this, but agree with the comments so far.
    If Bubba is eating and drinking OK and his toilet is normal, I would think along the lines of grief and perhaps depression. My collie missed my GSD when she died, and didn’t eat (they always used to share their meals), but drank OK.
    I have a question. Is Bubba going to favourite areas or things of Rumpy’s and June Buggie?
    If so, maybe he can still smell them and wants to be close. Thinking of you at such a worrying time. If Bubba’s no better in a day or so, I’d take him to the vet just for peace of mind.

  12. Don’t know what to advise you. Just sending purrayers and POTP. It is so hard to watch and not know what to do, when your own grief and worries almost tie your hands.

  13. Poor Bubba. Maybe he’s reacting to all the recent changes…losing Rumpy and June Buggie. We would keep an eye on him and if he’s still acting strange in a few days, a vet visit may be needed.

  14. I’m so sorry to read this.

    Not yet, I don’t think you need to take him in. He’s eating, drinking, peeing. If he’s not limping, moaning, or acting in pain then just keep an eye on him. You’re very in tune with your fur babies and he’s in good hands with you. And I had the same thought as another commenter. He’s had a lot of losses lately and most likely senses what you’re going through. My humble opinion.

    Take good care of yourself. Sending love and good thoughts your way.

  15. You have a wonderful instinct about animals and will do the right thing. I’d go with grieving right now but only you know if you need reassurance. *hugs*

  16. I,d say he is just depressed and trying to figure out what to do with himself. As long as he is eating, drinking, doing his business, and greeting you he,s ok. The routine is different and animals don’t like that. They get insecure. I’ll be praying for you and the baby.

  17. He might be dealing with the lose of his companions. My Scottie did the same thing when his companion died. the day that i got another dog in the house, was the day that he perked up. All is well after 7 years.

  18. I noticed that someone else mentioned he could be grieving. I also think that could be the case. In my opinion, if he is eating, peeing, drinking and everything else seems fine I wouldn’t take him in. I would probably just try and give him more love and cuddles. That being said, if anything else seems amiss or he isn’t eating, then for sure I would take him in. (((hugs)))

    1. I’m not going to, because I’m afraid going to the vet would be yet more stress on an already grieving kitty. I hope things continue to go ok for him.

  19. I think you have to follow your own gut instinct on this Jen. As Bubba is eating, drinking, using litter normally it might be nothing. You know Bubba best…..
    You sure have ben thru the wringer with losing beloved 4 leggeds….. I am so sorry….
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

  20. Maybe he is depressed, but a vat visit would give you some peace of mind instead of wondering plus it is better to catch illness before it goes too far. I am adding Bubba to my prayer list. XO

  21. Agree that he is grieving or trying to adjust to the changes, or both. Finding new places to sleep seems more like he is testing out what he can do alone, maybe? I did have to get another cat right away after Spot died, as Lokii was losing his tiny mind. New guy has made a world of difference in him. But that is not something I would recommend in this case at all. He needs time to adjust.

  22. He could be upset about JB and Rumpy being gone. They grieve those losses, just like us humans. Love and hugs to you.

  23. I think he misses Rumpy and June Buggy too, miss Jen. Granny says that you can give him the Star of Bethlehem Bach Remedy, that might help. Healing Pawkisses to all of you ❤ ❤ ❤

  24. Is Bubba any better? It has been a few days since your post. Grief is likely cause, but we all know what any kind of stress can do to us humans and to our animal friends. I do hope Bubba is doing better.

    1. He is doing better. He looks good, but he does take spells where he might not eat good for a day. Because of his age and his health I freak out unlike I would if it were one of the younger cats.

      1. Glad to hear Bubba is perking up a little bit. I know this sounds a bit silly, but perhaps a small gift of something Bubba likes (toy, treat, cushion)? would help him to feel special. It is amazing how much better we can feel if someone else tries to reduce our stress with a small gift of love. Bubba likely picks up on your fear and concern for him…he may have learned that it grabs a little more of your attention….I think he might just need a lot of love right now. 😳

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