Just an Ordinary Day…

I had a job interview today.

Job interviews are a source of stress for me, starting with deciding what to wear. I usually choose the conservative black skirt with a top and jazz it up a bit with a belt. It’s not really my style, but I have to be mindful of the message the outfit gives, especially since I never know who I’ll be talking to.

I have to take extra care with my hair, because my curly mop likes to show out on warm, humid summer days. Shave my legs. Make sure I run the pet roller over my clothes. Do I wear make-up or not? This day I decided not to.

I run over questions that might be asked, and how best to answer. Greatest strength? I am diligent and determined. Weakness? What’s a nice way to say I’m intolerant of intolerance? Hmmm….

Actually I’m having a hard time focusing, because I’m worried about Bubba Cat. He’s having another spell where he does’t want to eat. Should I try other kinds of foods? He ate great while he stayed at Mom’s when I was in Memphis. Should I load him up and take him to her house to see if he’ll eat there? I’m willing to consider all options.


On the drive in I listen to NPR, because that’s what nerds like me do. At the top of each hour our local station airs a national news brief. That’s when I heard it:


Wait. What??????

I’m from Huntsville. I have family there. Friends. Where in Huntsville? Redstone Arsenal? Doesn’t my brother work there?

I check Twitter for what’s being said. Not much other than local news outlets reporting the Arsenal is on lockdown. I’m breathing fast. My heart’s racing. Adrenaline’s rushing through my body.

I burst into tears.

In those few moments so many thoughts ran through my head. Is everyone OK? Is the situation under control? Could the shooter be someone I know???

I texted my brother. He’s OK.

But my body doesn’t automatically calm down, because that’s not how adrenaline works. Oh well, so much for that interview. I wonder what they thought of a hyped-up woman with a red face. I considered telling them why, but after feeling out the interview panel, I decided against it.

Later I learned there never was an active shooter. That’s all I know; there hasn’t exactly been an explanation of what happened.

I wish that on no one.





22 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Day…

  1. I hope Bubba gets his appetite back soon. There is a medicine that will stimulate appetite. Also, have you tried heating his food? Sometimes that helps.

    1. Bubba gets whatever he wants. Right now I have a shelf of nothing but different kinds of cat food. What he doesn’t eat, the others do… except Yella, who needs to lose some weight.

      1. I hope he’ll eat some of what you have. From what I read from you you seem to me a very savvy and loving fur baby mamma. I feel pretty sure you’ll know what to do. I just hope for your sake that Bubba regains his appetite. It’s been too much for you recently.

  2. How horrible for you! I’d probably be a basket case for the remainder of the day. So sorry Bubba is on a “no deating streak.” It’s always a worry. If it goes on another day, maybe you should take him to the vet. He might also be grieving his two buddies too. Cats do grieve, as you probably already know. I hope he perks up for you. Keep us posted.

  3. So terrifying. When the Lindt Cafe siege happened in Sydney the first I heard of it was because my cousin sent me a text to say they were in lockdown under their desks. He was fine, others weren’t so lucky. What a world we live in. Hope Bubba is okay. I’d take him to your mumma’s to see if that works again? Paws crossed! x

  4. Hugs to your Bubba… I hope so much the appetite comes back… I feel with you… that are such horrible moments, impossible to switch back to “normal” the next minute… I hope for good news about your interview, this days needs at least one good thing after so much adrenaline-rockets…

  5. I hope you managed to regain composure for your interview… What a terrible shock for you and apparently turned out inconsequential.

    Love to Bubba… He needs love more than anything right now… He is picking up on your distress I think.

    Be good to yourself and give yourself a hug too…you sound very much in need of one. 💑❤❤

  6. Yes… I’m sure you are right. And having your normal attention, rather than a ‘distressed one’ likely has the desired effect. Bubba sounds like a pretty chilled dude who hides his feelings….like some men I know😄 Glad he’s eating again!

  7. Sometimes composure is over-rated at interviews. It’s always good to know the home tribe is all ok. Send POTP thoughts to Bubba and hope he continues to eat. Maybe the heat got to him and made him not so hungry?

  8. Damn. I can’t even imagine the scare that NPR report gave you, Jen. I am sorry that happened.

    I am also sorry to hear Bubba isn’t doing well as of late. I do hope he gets his appetite back soon. 😦

  9. Job interview , not a great start to any day. I hope you did ok despite the adrenalin rush. Don’t think I caught this shooting incident on the news over here. Maybe with Bubba Cat, you could try different foods at different times of the day? Jamima was a weird cat that way. Good luck! Cheers,H😍

  10. Man that was some rotten thing to have happen Jen!! I used to be a wreck when going for interviews back in the day. I can just imagine how upset you were going into this one. I hope you get the job (if you want it!)
    And I hope Bubba cat will eat more for you….I KNOW how upsetting this is for you (we have all gone thru this with at least 1 of our beloved 4 leggeds!)
    Sending love & ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & POTP frum Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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