A Tale of Two Doctors

Bubba wasn’t eating. Again.

So this morning I loaded him up and back to the vet we go.

Bubba does not like the vet!


Dr. M. looked him over, then checked his teeth. Yes, he had a bad one.

So she did a blood panel to make sure he was OK for surgery, then I left him there for her to extract the tooth.

She ended up extracting five.

One with a deep pocket could have lasted a little longer, but the good doctor said it would eventually have to go, and she didn’t want to risk having to do surgery again.

After plunking down $700, I brought Bubba home. First thing he wants to do is eat, so I open a can of Fancy Feast, and watch him devour most of it. Way to go, Bubba!

The vet also upped the dose on his thyroid meds.

At the rate he’s going, Bubba is going to outlive us all. 

I swear, this cat is going to live forever. That makes me happy.

While Bubba was in recovery, I was visiting my doctor’s office regarding recurring pain in my ankle. For the past couple of days there’s also been swelling, and I was concerned.

After looking at and feeling around on my leg, the good nurse practitioner said she thought it’s arthritis. Then she offers to do X-rays and bloodwork. And I’m like, why would you do all that if it’s arthritis? So she wrote me a prescription for Mobic and sent me home.

I wish they had vets for humans. Health care would be so much easier if they did.


46 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Doctors

  1. So glad for the good news for Bubba! I’m not sure the nurse practitioner was right about the ankle though. You might want to try a chiropractor.

  2. Try using Voltoral gel on the ankle it will help quite a bit on the inflammation and pain,Good to hear Bubba is doing well now after his surgery,xx Rachel and Speedy

  3. Go, Bubba! No foods should ever go to waste! Good that your foods are mushy. Teeth are overrated. Gobbling works just as well as chewing – trust me, I know.

    Love and licks,

  4. Gosh, Bubba is quite the survivor!

    Arthritis can be exacerbated by foods that cause inflammation in the body. For me, I discovered that eggs are the worst culprit. I have eliminated them (even the trace amounts in cookies and cakes, etc). I walk better now (without pain) at age 60 than I ever could at age 38! At age 50 I couldn’t even walk across a room without hobbling. Now I can walk 12 miles at a time.

  5. So glad Bubba had his bad teeth removed. It’s hard to eat when your mouth hurts so much. Hopefully Bubba will gain weigh. Better Bubba than me.

    Hugs to you and Bubba.

  6. Hope Bubba isn’t in too much pain after losing his teeth, bless him. I agree about vets and docs though. Sometimes we think we’d get better service going to a vet for our ailments rather than trying to get an appointment with the doc, which is usually something like two weeks time. By that time whatever the problem was has probably resolved itself.

  7. Bubba looks like he was one ticked off cat. I’m glad the vet found out what was wrong and Bubba’s doing better.

    I agree. Vets should treat humans as well. It would be better.

  8. I’m glad to read that Bubba is getting better and loves eating, he had to lose five teeth though……I hope that Jen’s ankle pain would disappear before long.

  9. Mee-you Bubba yur one tuff mankat! Mee iss sendinn you POTP fur a speedy reecovurry……
    An Lady Jen sumtimess Dockturss do X-rayss an bloodwerk to diagnosis what kind of Arfuritis a purrson has. LadyMum said you probablee have to pay fur yur own X-rayss so that iss why you just wanted meddysin!! Mee hopes thee Mobick werkss good.
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    1. I didn’t want the X-ray because the doc said she’d do it to rule out a fracture. I asked if she thought it was fractured and she said no. So I asked what was the point of an X-ray? The blood work was to measure inflammation levels. Again, I don’t see the point.

  10. Awesome news about Bubba. Well, not the $700 part, but certainly that he’s doing so much better after his extractions. We hope your ankle is feeling with the Mobic, Jen.

  11. just went through the same with my cat…she was like Gandhi? finally fed her baby food with a syringe and she rebounded…and yes, I am arthritic, too…and finally, I wonder if husbands are the most thoughtless nuts alive? I am all alone with cat saving and hobbling…he cares not one whit…and lots of humans inquire as to why I walk funny? about at the end of my rope these days…glad bubba is better…our vet appraised surgery at 1700 bucks…so happy she started eating after seeing the proposed bill….totally sympathetic I am with your plight…

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