Another Vet Visit for Bubba

Bubba and I visited the vet.

His thyroid levels are good, but he hasn’t gained any more weight.

He does look a lot better.

The lesion in his mouth has healed. But there is swelling.

So what does that mean?

Bubba and Little Girl are napping buddies.

Well, we’re not sure.

The vet is concerned. When she removed those teeth, he had one that was badly decayed, but the others were not. They were removed because of his gums, not the teeth. She feels that the extent of the decay should have moved to the other teeth.

So….. is it cancer?

We’ll head back in a couple weeks and she’ll check him again. If the swelling continues, we may try an X-ray.

In the meantime, Bubba spends much of his time sleeping, and he eats as much as he wants.

Even if all he wants is tuna.


26 thoughts on “Another Vet Visit for Bubba

  1. Oh no….poor Bubba….I’m praying and keeping my fingers crossed that nothing is wrong with you, Boubba. Please stay well. I love you. 🐱

  2. I’m sorry to read this, Jen. I do hope your vet is able to figure out what’s going on with Bubba, and that a good course of action can be found. Thinking of you and Bubba!

  3. Sadly my cat Mary Jane who was 15 years old had hole form by upper row of her teeth. She got infected and the infection ran though her nasal cavity up into her forehead.She was treated for the infection and given pain meds but sadly she passed away. It has only been a few weeks sense her passing and am still trying to adjust to not having Mary Jane in the house. The Vet thinks she had bone cancer.You really have to watch those cats because they won’t let on anything is wrong until it is to late.

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