It’s Rumpy’s Birthday Month But I’m Not Celebrating

This morning I woke the same way I have for the past few days: clutching one of Rumpy’s old stuffed toys.

A Christmas present for Rumpy last year; the last stuffie I gave him

October is Rumpy’s Gotcha month.

He’s been gone for 6 months, but the hurt is as acute as the day he died.

A scene from happier days

In some ways things have improved. Now that I no longer care for a “dangerous breed” of dog, my choices for spaces to live in have greatly improved. We recently moved into a townhouse apartment that rents for less than half of what I had been paying. It’s much nicer digs.

Graybie demanding a few moments of affection

But I miss Rumpy. And June Buggie. And Bubba.

October has traditionally been a month of celebration and joy. There were treats and gifts and lots of fun.

Yella’s eyes are irritated so he’s back on Lysine

Now it’s gloomy and sad.

Hissy hasn’t decided if he likes the new place yet

I always have a kitty close by when I’m home. They cuddle close. They demand petting, and brushing, and sweet words of affection. It helps get me through the down times. I think we comfort each other.

Little Girl snoozing close by as I lie on the couch

It’s going to be a long month. Hope that stuffie is up to it.

26 thoughts on “It’s Rumpy’s Birthday Month But I’m Not Celebrating

  1. Dear dear Jen, I’m thinking of you and your fur family so much. I miss Rumpy and his Gotcha Day, that is 20th of this month, too……He always invited us to celebrate it together…..that stuffie….looks so cute….he mush have loved it so much. And dearest June Buggie….and Buuba….I miss the brothers, too….but I truly believe that their soul must be somewhere close to you, Jen….and they might enjoy looking down what has been happening in here…the world where we live. Jen, we’re sending our love to yiu and your family. I hope that Yella Fella’s eyes will get better….he is such a lovely boy. Jen, please remember we’re here for you. Love, Angel Kevin, mom and kitties.

  2. It will get easier to bare with time Jen,time is a great healer.Just hold the stuffie and those kitties close to you and you will all get through this.Hope Yellas eye feel better soon,much love and hug to you all,xx Rachel and Speedy

  3. I feel the same this year… it was the first birthday without easy… I loved fall so much, but now it is the month of tears for me… I hope the time can heal a broken heart but I have some doubts …

  4. I have a hard time with losing Storm a month ago, I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose more than one in a short amount of time. When I think about Storm, I also often think of Rumpy (and others).

  5. Oh, I miss Rumpie dog too and I only saw him on my iPad screen. Glad you relocated. Grief always takes time. Knowing it does doesn’t help either you just learn to live with it. Not so cheery,H

  6. I will always remember & ❤ Rumpy & June Buggie & Bubba.
    Thankfully you DO have a nicer place & the other cats to comfort you & hang out with you Jenn. I still miss Nylablue as if she just left & I've had Siddhartha Henry since Dec. 2014 (I adopted 2 weeks after NB had gone.)
    They leave HUGE pawprints on our hearts & minds. Hug that stuffie! Whatever works.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry x0x0

  7. Jen, I think of you and Rumpy and the kitties and miss them all. I also still miss DeeDee.

    I’m not sure it gets easier with time. For me, it’s less intense most of the time. It’s been 20 months since BJ left us. I still have his picture as the background on my MAC screen and still feel the sadness when I think of him. I still cry although not wail as much.

    I’m happy that you have the kitties to comfort you while you listen to their soothing purrs. You seem happy to have moved. It will be less of a financial commitment and more freedom when you adopt another dog.

    Duncan and I send love and hugs. Dunk sends licks too.

  8. We are so sorry, Jen. We just lost Zoe 3 weeks ago, and we’re all struggling with the very palpable void she left in our hearts, and in our home. Please know we are thinking of you as you miss your Rumpy, June Buggie and Bubba.

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