Yella Fella’s New Eating Plan

Yella Fella has been on his new way of eating for one week now. This has been more difficult than expected.


I’ve got him eating canned food. No problem with Yella because he loves canned food. Problem was he’d wolf down his food then try to eat the other cats’ food. At first I’d put him in an over-sized carrier after he’d finished his food so the others could eat, but that seemed to upset everyone.

Next I tried putting Yella in the kitchen and feed him separately from the rest. I put up a baby gate to keep him separated from the others. But Yella fooled me; he managed to actually climb over the baby gate!

So now I’m putting Yella’s food down in the kitchen and the others’ food on the table. I also am leaving food out on the kitchen counter for the others and that should work until Yella is able to jump up there.


Yella cries for me to feed him. If I wake up the least bit at night, he will come and try to rouse me. Last night I woke around midnight and Yella decided that would be a great time to lie on my back. Once the alarm goes off he starts mewling at me and pats my face, then follows me to the bathroom to make sure I don’t take too long in there.

During the day he stays close and reminds me when he thinks it’s time to eat again. If I’m working at home, he thinks my lunch break and the end of my work day are times for him to be fed. If I’m working outside the home, when I come home is time to eat.

Despite all the effort required, I’m already convinced it’s worth it. Yella’s breathing is improved, less labored, and he doesn’t snore when he sleeps.

One week down; many, many more to go!

7 thoughts on “Yella Fella’s New Eating Plan

  1. I too have a cat (one out of four) on a diet. It’s tough. I feed two on the counter where she can’t jump up and the third is an older cat. I sit with her so no one steals her food. I’m wishing you the best outcome. Cats, especially when you have multiples, are hard to put on a diet but as you say the outcome is worth it.

  2. We can’t feed the dogs separately either, but we have made it very clear that if we are watching — and we always watch them eat! — no one can go after anyone else’s food — even if they have walked away. Of course, if we turn our backs for a half-second, someone will be muzzle down in someone else’s dish.

    Remarkably, our dogs won’t EAT canned food — including the really expensive stuff. Human food? No problem. But not dog food. These are the ONLY dogs I’ve ever met who won’t eat canned dog food. This is particularly interesting because Duke will eat ANYTHING else, including pieces of fallen-from-the-counter raw onion and orange rind.

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