Alabama! Alabama! We Will Aye Be True to Thee!

First of all, congratulations Doug Jones on doing what many said could not be done.

Alabama’s Senator-elect Doug Jones and his wife Louise (photo from

And thank you Alabama for restoring hope in a lot of people, especially me. I was afraid this state would put that idiot in the Senate anyway… and to be clear, Moore had plenty of supporters turn out today. And yet there were just enough of us disgusted by Moore and his bigotry, misogyny, and extremist ideology to make what seemed impossible happen.

Now there are plenty of pundits jockeying for face time with any number of theories about how this happened. They’re already out and about blaming and bashing. They’re giving credits to celebrities and political heavyweights.

But in the end, it was the people of Alabama who elected Doug Jones… oh who’s kidding who, it was African-American voters who saved Alabama’s ass. Only 30% of white voters voted for Jones.  Much is being said about women voting for Jones, but 63% of white women voted for Moore (are you fucking kidding me??????) while 98% of African-American women voted for Jones. Those lily-white Christians so concerned about turning this country around for Jesus almost put a pedophile in the United States Senate. And you wonder why I don’t believe in God.

So thank you again, Alabama! And let this be a lesson to the rest of you: Turnout is everything, as is coalition-building.

Now get your ass registered to vote ‘cuz there’s a big election coming up next year!




20 thoughts on “Alabama! Alabama! We Will Aye Be True to Thee!

  1. Tell it sister!!! And say Yes to the African-American voters (95% women), the Latino voters AND the lgbtq community that volunteered for Doug Jones, served on his staff and worked so hard to get out the vote!
    P.S. And as a white woman I have to say, what is wrong with you white women who voted for Roy Moore?? Seriously??

  2. I know this must lift your heart. And it will encourage other Democrats to run in other “red” states. I read this morning that there are Democrats running in every congressional district of Texas.

    Frankly, I don’t know how many times African American voters need to save Democrats’ butts before they get more actively mentored and recruited to take over the party leadership. Right now, many of the most progressive, activist voices are those of black women.

    I want to see those leaders on the ballots.

  3. What a pleasure to wake up to this news (here in Ohio !). What a pleasant contrast to what we woke up to in Nov 2016 ! GOOD ON ALABAMA !

  4. Again In the UK Moore would never have been allowed to run he would have been forced to step a side and religion doesn’t come in to politics here.we just expect our politicians to be as honest as a politician can be with no scandal of any kind….and note I said as Honest as they can be…..because no politician keeps their promises or tells the the whole truth ,still a good result for Alabama,xx Rachel

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