Dear Santa…

Hello Santa, Yella Fella here!

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I hope you’re doing fine. Me? Not so good.

I guess you heard that we lost THREE family members this year. We also moved. And on top of all that, Jen has put me on a diet! I am literally starving to death!

OK, so not literally, but I am hungry, which brings me to what I’d like you to bring me this year… FOOD!!!!

Chicken (yum)!

Tuna (drool)!

Or maybe treats. Heck, I’d take even regular ole’ dry food at this point.

But could we keep this between us? And when you bring it, will you put it in a place where Jen won’t find it? The cabinet under the sink will be good; she NEVER looks under there.

Thanks, Santa!

Your pal,

Yella Fella

22 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. McKinley the dog empathizes about weight loss and hunger. She’s been on three different diets and all of them flopped. One food the vet put her on caused her to not only be savagely hungry but to gain two ounces a week. She got 118 grams of it twice a day (yes, I weigh and measure) and something in it seriously screwed up her behavior. It was also very expensive.

    I’ve started making her food by hand (low-carb) as dogs have zero need for carbs (and I don’t believe cats need any carbs either). I bet there is a low-carb cat food that can be made by hand for you if you’re not losing weight. She’s hungry, but she’s so excited about her chicken gizzard (with the stewing broth), ground turkey, lean beef, finely diced hard-boiled egg, pumpkin and green bean (for fiber) weighed and measured food twice a day she is enduring this round of weight loss efforts better. She is also not experiencing behavioral problems from diet food additives ala “Metabolic.” (I didn’t use tuna – too much mercury exposure for a small dog.)

    The weather has been cold and raw here so she’s not walking a mile a day right now (I don’t suppose Jen could walk you on a leash? Probably not. That would help, though. Maybe more time playing with cat toys?)

    My vet started grumping about micronutrients and I reminded him that in the mid-1950’s my farm dog lived on Friskies and road apples left by horses and whatever else she came across (the odd field mouse) and she lived to the ancient of days. So this hype about micronutrients is vastly overrated in the old lady’s opinion – at least not over the short term. You’re not going to be on a diet forever.

    Merry Christmas, sweetheart. We lost our pal Garfield the village cat this year and recently his best friend Nutter Butter left my friend Cat Mom behind. Loss is hard. But Cat Mom saved an abandoned few day old kitten (it was a struggle) and six weeks later Fancy is in a foster home learning kitten behaviors and will hopefully soon be in her furever home. Older cats like you helped her make a successful adjustment.

  2. Dear Yella Fella – We know how hard it is to be on a diet, so we hope things get better for you ! Santa is the right guy to ask ! Purrs.

  3. Jen loves you so much that she wants you to be healthy and live a long life. Maybe Jen will get you diet food.

  4. I know that you’ve been a good boy this year Yelle Fella! Santa will bring Tuna and Chicken to you on Christmas a Day! I wish I could be Santa for you……I love you and your family! 😘😻❤️
    P.S It’s very true that this year was so hard for your family…..I miss dear Rumpster, cute June Buggie, and sweet Bubba, too…….

  5. Well, allow me to tell you. All cats are always hungry. 2017, proved to be the undoing here also. Moved and said goodbye to my fur-baby of 16 years. Let’s put out for a more settled 2018? Cheers,H

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