Graybie’s Letter to Santa

Hello Jolly Old Fat Guy! It’s Graybie Baby, your favorite elf on the shelf!

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Look, I been thinking about what I’d like for Christmas, and I’ve finally figured it out. Are you ready?

Spy gear.

As the nosiest cat in the bunch, I believe it’s my job to know where everyone is at all times and what they’re doing there. So I figure some cameras would be nice. Maybe a few tracking devices. Oh, and how about a stun gun? That way when Jen tries to leave the kitchen without first doling out a little treat, she’ll get a little ZAPPPPP!!!! and a hard fall to remind her to never do THAT again!

No need to wait until Christmas morning, dude. Feel free to order on Amazon and select Next Day Shipping.

Your pal,

Graybie Baby



19 thoughts on “Graybie’s Letter to Santa

  1. Hmmm….spy gear and traking devices are good idea for Christmas presents from Santa! Good boy, Greybie! You look so lovely with the Santa hat! 😻😻😻

  2. I am not allowing my cats to read this. You are a bad influence on them. Their favorite tactic now to keep me in the kitchen is to run around my legs so I trip. Almost as good as a stun gun. Good luck with your order.

  3. Wow, Graybie. You asked for some really cool stuff. We hope Santa hooks you up (though Jen probably hopes he doesn’t. Stun gun? Me-ouch!)

  4. Graybie Baby mee finks thee Santa Klawss may not like thee stun gun idea….mew mew mew….butt it makes fur a berry funny letter! 😉
    *paw patsss* Siddhartha Henry xXXx

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