Little Girl’s Letter to Old Saint Nick

Dear Santa,

Mew! Mew! from your favorite Little Girl!


Lil' Girl
photo enhanced at

If I don’t look happy in my photo, it’s because I’m not.

I am the only girl kitty in my house, and these silly boys are always bothering me! They steal my favorite snuggle spots. They chase me around the house. I usually stick close to Jen so they’ll leave me alone.

But ya know, Santa, if you were to make my Christmas wishes come true, I wouldn’t have to worry about those smelly boys and all their cooties. That’s why I’m asking you for….

A cloak of invisibility. 

With the cloak I can go where I want and sleep where I want without being bothered. Oh, that would be wonderful!

Now please be sure that it masks sounds and ESPECIALLY smells, so I can be truly invisible to all.

On Christmas morning it’ll look to everyone else that you left me an empty box- which is nice because I love boxes too! But really I’ll know my cloak awaits me.

Thank you, Santa!

Much love,

Little Girl

20 thoughts on “Little Girl’s Letter to Old Saint Nick

  1. Oh, Little Girl, I hope you get your wish. You’ll be happy and the boys will be confused. (hahaha)

    Maybe Jen will get another girl so you’ll have somecat to play with and “torture” the boys.

  2. Mee hopess you get thee cloak Littul gurl. Yur rite that wee man katss can bee a bit inn-tense!!! Wishin you a meowy Katmass an a Happy Mew year.
    **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xXXx

  3. It is possible that your Little Girl may have the secret we all need — invisibility. I am sure it would improve the quality of my life. I’m not sure exactly how, but I’m STILL sure of it 🙂

  4. Jen, you have one smart cookie there don’t you she knows how to get around all those smelly guys in a heartbeat and it doesn’t hurt to ask Santa for something really special on this holiday when he is more likely to see if he might find it. LOL Merry Christmas Jen I hope you have a very nice one. ❤ ❤

  5. Wow! Invisibility cloak is a great idea, Little Girl! That’s what I want, too! I know that famous Harry Potter has it, so famous Little Girl should have it, too! 😊🐱❤️

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