Thank You…

In today’s Facebook feed I spotted a post from a friend (?) stating said she’s not taking her old friends with her into 2018, because she’s  #movingon #growth #onwardupward. 

That stung. But if her life will be better without me being her friend, so be it. I wish her well.


That got me thinking that there are many people who were once a part of my life but are no longer. Truth be told, many of those bridges were burnt by me. I’m one of the most introverted people you’d ever want to meet. I can fake it when I choose to, but that says more to my ability to mimic and act than to my ability to truly be comfortable around others.

And yes, I know that people with strong opinions don’t necessarily keep friends around, especially not in this day and age. But I never was one to keep my mouth shut.

Yet some of you continue to come back and support me. It has not gone unnoticed. So I want to thank you for that, from the bottom of my ornery little heart.

Friendship Clipart 28710

Have a cookie. Rumpy would have wanted it that way.

33 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. I have always had respect for you and your “ornery little heart”……….your not keeping your mouth shut is something I always admired (because actually I am the same)……….I may not always comment, but I do read……..I think you know that through the years I have always had the utmost respect for you your opinions are pretty much spot on! Just always be YOU which I have no doubt you will!

  2. I’m also one that reads more than comments – maybe that will be something I work on in 2018 – hope to change that in 2018. I like the way you speak/post what is on your mind; I may let my dogs do the blogging but FB is almost entirely mine and I get criticized by sis for some things I say or she wonders why I say some of the things I do – too bad but I am just being true to myself which is exactly why I like your blog.
    Mom Kim

  3. Always reading and enjoying how you speak your truth. Love your “ornery”, don’t ever forget you’re not alone in your convictions and truth!

  4. Like Caren, I have been a “reader” for along time- through all 3 of Nellie, the Cat From Hell’s blogs and now Marv’s. I have not commented as often as I should, but I read my favorite blogs on my tablet and commenting there is not easy.
    I love your Orneriness and I relish your posts and opinions. Keep up the good work!

  5. They say you never met a person you didn’t like but that isn’t exactly true but the once who keep coming back those are the ones worth keeping. Animals are fine examples of what humans to steer clear of. If my baby doesn’t like you then chances are I probably won’t either. Happy New Year Jenn I hope it is a lot better than the last one we had. ❤

    1. When Rumpy was with me, I always trusted his judgement. He met several people he didn’t like. Now I ask myself what he would do, and take it from there. Happy new year! I also hope this next year is a better one.

      1. I am a firm believer that animals have a six sense when it comes to the good in humans whether it be cats or dogs cause both my Mazie and Soxy both let me know who I should steer clean of and who was up to good. Happy New Year to you to Jenn and God bless all of our furrry babies here on earth and in heaven.

  6. The thought of leaving friends “behind” makes me sad. And not just because I’m a raging extrovert. But because I believe we can learn something from everyone.

    You and I agree strongly on many issues. And your “ornery little heart” is a constant teacher to me. You challenge me to get angry and not just try to get along with others.

    So I’m glad you’re not the kind of person who leaves friends behind. Because I have a feeling I have a lot more to learn from you.

    May 2018 be a good year for you and your family.

  7. Announcing that you are trimming your friends is kind of tacky. Most times it happens by evolution. We grow different. To announce it seems to say “all my problems are caused by my wacky friends so sayonara to you all!” I trimmed a friend this year. It was painful for me and I didn’t announce it to the world. You are unique. Extreme introvert and opinionated don’t usually go together! Have a great new year!

    1. Yeah, huh? I took the Myers-Briggs test several times and I always max out on the introversion scale. Maybe writing is what makes my opinions shine.

      I don’t ask why. We never know what’s going on with others.

  8. Jenn you are a free thinker & I respect you for speaking out. It’s called unconditional love… are you & I’m me…an older more ornery version of you, lol…..
    I too am an introvert….I call myself an Introverted extrovert, hahaha….
    Wishing you & the Fab Four a Happy Mew Year ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry

  9. Oh dear that would have hurt to see that post, but I do believe people (and fur-friends) come and go from our life, and its our job to focus on those who are with us in the present, while remembering the special ones who’ve gone on.
    Those few true friends will always be with you,
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!

  10. Sometimes you just gotta bless some people and send them on their way. From the sounds of it, looks like your friend has gifted you something very special. Introvert or not, who needs that kind of energy? Wishing you and your critters a 2018 that has peace, love and a whole lot of smiles.

  11. Jen, I like your way talking about things like what you think. I never thought that your opinion is strong….it is just the way how you think. I’m happy to know you and keep in touch on your blog. Thank you very much for your friendship. 🙂

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