What I Want for the New Year

At last we count down to saying good-bye to this no-good, very bad year. For me, 2017 cannot be gone too soon. 


I hope the new year brings some positive changes. Here are some I’d like to see in 2018:

A total ban on fireworks. Yes, they are pretty. They also scare the daylights out of animals and many persons with PTSD.

Crimes committed by men against women designated as hate crimes. Domestic violence is not a crime of passion; it’s a man taking out his anger on those less powerful that he claims to love. Rape is not about how women dress or where they go or what they do; it’s a crime of power and control of men against women. And once a man commits one crime against a woman he should be on a watch list and have all his firearms confiscated.

Any woman who promotes racism, bigotry, or misogyny should be publicly shunned just as men are. She’s not doing what her man told her to do; she’s doing what she wants to do and shame on her for doing it.

And anybody that whines about how awful his or her life is because s/he perceives some other group treated better should do something besides watch Fox News and share Russian propaganda online. Go hang out in a homeless shelter for a few days and see how good you’ve really got it.


No more missing cat posts from the UK, which I totally don’t get. I mean, there’s a serial killer of cats running loose in your country, and this killer travels, so why are you leaving your cats outside anyway?

Let’s get big money out of politics. Why should someone’s wealth determine how loud their voice is in government? I have some pretty good ideas myself. So what if I don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to donate to your campaign fund? Listen to me anyway.

Oh, and speaking of politics, let’s cut out these long, drawn-out campaign seasons. In other countries they campaign for a couple of months. Here in the US it’s all campaign, all the time, even though most of us don’t really pay attention until a month prior to the election.

But the thing I’d most like to see is less fake shit on social media. Remember:

Not every story posted online is true. If the Associated Press hasn’t covered the topic (and they cover everything), I’d be suspicious.

Your family isn’t perfect, and neither are you, so chill on the Photoshop.

Your dogs and/or cats aren’t the most wonderful either; mine are.

If you legitimately have a need, by all means ask. If you are constantly asking for help, I’m more inclined to label you a scammer and ignore you. There are some folks on social media who constantly have their hands out, and they have a host of enablers who will no doubt get pissed about this comment and slam me amongst themselves.

Oh, and for the love of humanity will you PULEEZE look in the photo’s background and see what’s going on before you “like” or “love?” A baby tiger alone and on concrete with metal bars in the background should NOT be normal, so don’t talk about how cute that baby is, and don’t be surprised when people like me call you out for  being a clueless twit.


May the new year bring more compassion and common sense. We could use a lot of both.

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.     

T.S. Eliot

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31 thoughts on “What I Want for the New Year

  1. A great list. Sadly our governor just signed a law permitting fireworks sales to regular people. (We had a ban on that before.) You the know, the neighborhood idiots who shoot them off all the time because they can. I have two cats that don’t care but two hide under beds. Unfortunately the local deer and wildlife population don’t fit under my beds. Also, my cats are the bestest!

  2. It was hard for me to get past the no fireworks things, especially with all that’s been happening this end with the Thomas fires. Not just hated by our dogs and scares them but it really scares me that another spark can burn my town down. You make a lot of good points with the rest of your post. Being reality focused is refreshing. I hope 2018 is better for you all.

  3. You know I often agree with you. But this one: “Your dogs and/or cats aren’t the most wonderful either; mine are.”

    Really? Honey calls them fighting words.

    But you should feel free to post lots of pics of your kitties to try to change my mind. LOTS of kitty pics. Just keep ’em coming. 🙂

    Hope 2018 brings you many good things.

  4. I HATE fireworks – not just because of the possible destruction they could cause and the noise but it seems a lot of people become idiots and lose whatever common sense they had. My oldest dog, Lady Shasta, is not phased at all – maybe she is going deaf. But my youngest, Miss Maizie who just turned 1 this past August gets even more crazy then usual. I hate that we have people shooting off their fireworks right out in the street in front of my house. More common sense in this world – seems like it is on a downhill spiral and not sure if it will ever turn around – would love to see it though.
    Mom Kim

  5. I hate fireworks more with every passing year.

    Oh, and your line, “Your dogs and/or cats aren’t the most wonderful either; mine are.” Classic!

    Happy New Year. Here’s hoping it’s one filled with peace, compassion and hope.

  6. I want many of the same things, too, Jen. Yes, 2017 has been one of the worst years for the U.S. For me, personally, it was actually a little better than last year, when I lost my father and my dog within a 5-month period. I’ve come to terms with all that now and have thrown myself back into my writing. I’ve also grown closer to my mother, as I know I won’t have her for too much longer.

    Regardless, let’s all hope for a better 2018! And, as always, thanks for all the hard (and sometimes thankless) work you do for children and animals, Jen!

    Happy New Year!

  7. And so say all of us! I love that we must tolerate people who blast their beautiful family and perfect lives all over social media and like the crap out of it. It we share our perfect fur-kids(no, mine was……)and we get labelled crazy cat ladies!Cheers,H😍

    1. Crazy Cat Lady is a sexist and often age-biased label forced upon us. I hate it and that is one button that, when pushed, brings out my inner bitch. Happy New Year, and may all your cats be smarter than their honor students!

  8. There’s so much that is needed and so much that needs to go away, maybe 2018 is the year. Happy New Year from all of us at Brian’s Home!

  9. Don’t stop fighting till the fight is done. Elliot Ness, referring to the totally inept, exploitative and incompetent Tories

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