Welcome to Hell

As of midnight, I am unemployed.

But… who’s gonna buy our food? 

I do not work for the federal government, but my employer does receive federal funds to provide the services I was hired to do. Since there’s no money coming in (and no guarantee those funds will be replaced once a budget is reached), I am on furlough.

The irony is yesterday morning I was celebrated for completing an emerging leaders academy. Great job! You’re fired!

While you’re all riled up and complaining about “those politicians” who aren’t doing what YOU want, please keep those of us who are directly affected by this nonsense in your thoughts.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to Hell

  1. I have a few friends who are contractors for the government. They will lose because even when they are “hired” back there is no back pay. They lose their salary for whatever amount of time this episode lasts. Perhaps you are in this category too. This government is beyond frustrating. I will send hugs but that doesn’t pay the rent.

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. What a crap situation that a lot of people don’t think about with the consequences. I hope this passes for you soon. We will be sending you prayers sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

  3. Government shutdowns always bother me for this reason. It is the individuals who end up being laid off by programs and sometimes programs they go out of business so those jobs are no longer there that is the problem. I hope this is resolved very shortly and I’m very unhappy that Congress is going into recess for even a week because this needs to be addressed NOW, not later. This is extremely irresponsible to America.

    I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to you – I’m also sorry to know it’s going to happen to a lot of other people as well and the people that depend on those people for an income. It’s just a mess.

  4. I’m a federal employee and I feel your pain. Due to their concern of a conflict of interest, we are forbidden from working elsewhere while we are not getting paid. What a deal.

      1. Today I got a text saying that I can work on one project only – without pay until the furlough is over. There is the assurance of pay eventually, I guess. It still feels a bit messed up.

  5. I want to tell you how sorry I am that you are having to deal with this now. I am a retired Federal employee who dealt with this a few times between 1986 and 2014 – most lasted only a few days or less however the worst lasted from Dec. 16, 1995, to Jan. 6, 1996 which was preceded in November of 95 by a 5 day shutdown – I pray that this does not happen to you. Plus we still had to work without pay – talk about adding insult to injury. We did get paid for that once the budget got settled but of course it took awhile. I had to go to our local food bank for any groceries and of course creditors got letters – I did what I could. I think now of all my former co-workers who are dealing with this now, I think of our military who are trying to support their families, I think of all the other government workers who are now filled with uncertainty and of you and yours – I pray for a quick resolution and that our politicians will learn that it is the American people who are being hurt the most. I know this is one kind of leave you can do without.
    Mom Kim

  6. I am so sorry you got pulled into this mess!! I am on a federal disability pension (not social security) and I am not sure I will get paid. I am a widow so I have no other income.

  7. I am sooo sorry! I hope this is short-lived for you……..I lost my job in 2007 due to downsizing, (after having worked for 26 years, 21 of those were with one company)…….and I KNOW all too well how awful it is. I was over 50…..with an advertising background that no one wanted………that’s why I started blogging. My gut tells me you are going to be ok but it is terrifying to say the least. Praying all works out well for you.

  8. I do not even know what to say Jenn. Seriously sucks. Especially to be told you did such a wonderful job & then to be told your fired… Try not to panic & start looking for anything….even something part time. I KNOW you are a survivor & I am sending you strength & love to get thru this.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry

  9. I’m sorry to hear this. I was feeling sorry for everyone affected by this and powerless to do anything.

    I don’t understand how a system can work like this. If things close down when agreements are not reached, it seems to build in opportunities for abuse and political blackmail.

  10. I am soooo very sorry to hear this. I was unemployed for over a year once and came very close to living in my car. The stress is hard to handle. Stay strong, as we know you are. And when it gets bad, pet your fur kids and hold on. Hugs to you from Nina, Molly (shar pei /beagle), Johan (loud annoying Orange tabby who thinks he rules the world) and Nikki ( torteshell cutie)….😁

  11. I’m very upset to hear this, Jen. I’m sorry, and am sending you all good thoughts and positive energy.

  12. So very sorry to hear about your lost job! We are thinking about you and hope things return to normal soon. Certainly, this sort of government emergency doesn’t happen in the UK. Pip and the boys

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