Living in the Now

One thing about Trump being our president: he’s led more people to live in the now than Eckhart Tolle.

power of now

From the threat of nuclear war to the fear of a long, drawn-out government shutdown, many of us are embracing gratitude for what we have in the moment and knowing at any minute things could change.

We here are enjoying things today we usually put off for “someday.”

The cats had treats before bed last night, courtesy of our friend Eripan.

Thank you so much Eripan! 

I baked an oatmeal cake to enjoy for breakfast.

I am reading Wuthering Heights.

I encourage each of you to find a moment today to do something for no other reason than you want to.

What will you do today to enjoy the moment?


23 thoughts on “Living in the Now

  1. So true, about shock or suffering or things that snap us out of a false sense of reality can bring us to this moment and have gratitude for what is there. And yes to do what you want to do now, with my one caveat that it doesn’t hurt another. There’s a lot of living in the moment going on around these parts.

  2. Hot tea, soft blanket, 2 lazy cats, one snoring dog, good book, classical music, knowing how very lucky I am. Peace to all.

  3. Well said and so appropo. Instead of doing housework yesterday, I sat and read The Education of Little Tree (which I highly recommend), with a cup of tea and a 50+ pound Aussie in my lap. It was a great day!

      1. One of the best books I’ve ever read. Author is Forrest Carter. You would really enjoy it. It’s about a five year old orphaned and adopted by his Cherokee grandparents in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee during the great depression. It is both sad (exposing the callousness and cruelty of politicians, government bureaucrats and religious leaders) but funny and heartwarming too. Definitely a must read!

  4. I’m packing for my move. When all of that’s over I’ll do something fun. I don’t know how you moved so many times in the recent past.

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