I no longer have words to explain how FURIOUS I am that yet again innocents are dead, and others fight to recover from serious injuries, because one pissed-off man- and it’s ALWAYS A MAN- decides he’s going to shoot some folks, so he easily gets access to a gun and tons of ammo and says Fuck You to the rest of us.


I am FURIOUS that this happens OVER and OVER again, and yet do we not do anything to STOP it, instead our elected officials keep passing laws to make access to guns EASIER. I’m sick and tired of your thoughts and prayers, which do NOTHING to stop this insanity. I’d like to tell every politician to take their thoughts and prayers and shove them up their ass.

I am FURIOUS that despite there being ample evidence that mass-shooters are often also physically violent within their families, we do nothing to address domestic violence. We recently discovered that Trump had a man accused of domestic violence working as a close aide, and when it hit the media, Trump defended the aide.

screenshot from a video by a child hiding from the latest school shooter

I am FURIOUS that before we knew how many were injured, the NRA apologists were out spreading propaganda, much of which was distractions, distortions of the truth or outright lies.

I am FURIOUS that our children have been reminded yet again that we adults cannot be trusted to take care of them and keep them safe, because we’re too busy fighting each other to do ANYTHING.

Jeff Koterba cartoon for January 10, 2013
artwork by Jeff Koterba

I have had ENOUGH, and I am putting my money where my mouth is. I have decided that I will take whatever extra money I get in my check thanks to Trump’s tax cut, even if it’s only $1.50 a week, and donate it to candidates who support gun control. May not be the answer to the problem, but SOMEBODY has got to do SOMETHING and this is how I choose to do SOMETHING to stop this INSANITY.

Have you had ENOUGH yet?

27 thoughts on “ENOUGH!

  1. If everyone who wants change did as you plan then it would make a difference.

    The pro-gun lobby make a disproportionate amount of noise when they feel threatened. I was surprised when I saw some stats earlier about the numbers in favour of reforms of some kind.

      1. I’ve just seen Paul Ryan’s comments about not taking away citizens’ rights. What about the right to be safe and not shot by someone having a bad day?

  2. Judging from historic shooters, domestic and social physical, sexual and psychological abuse whether from temperament, mental condition or drugs is a connection in nearly all cases. The fact they are all men may have a chance now with #metoo.

  3. here in the u.k the main thing people have to say about u.s and shootings is you need a law like ours.. we dont really have guns here..

  4. And, after all the token “thoughts-and-prayers” and “now is not the time to talk about gun control” comments, the NRA’s Wayne La Pierre will begrudgingly make a public statement that will include the standard mantra: a good guy with a gun is the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, and then…nothing. Right-wingers in Congress will spit out their next usual response: banning certain types of firearms will lead us down a slippery slope towards a total banishment of all firearms.

    That nothing was done after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 proves that even the shooting deaths of children won’t sway gun rights proponents. So, the debate essentially ended right there.

    Maybe if some countries started issuing travel bans, or at least travel advisories, to their citizens about the U.S., we’d see some action in Congress. Maybe if one of those right-wing congress people had a child or grandchild killed in a school mass shooting, we’d see some action. Maybe, but don’t count on it.

  5. I’m also tired of hearing gun rights proponents saying, ‘If just one person in that crowd had a firearm, they probably could’ve stopped the massacre.’ Yes, of course! That’s assuming, though, that shooter is standing one spot while unleashing mayhem. But, in most active shooter situations, the suspect is a moving target. Even the most skilled marksman would have trouble taking him out.

    Another element is cultural; not necessarily gun control, but the way males are raised in American society. Almost from the time we’re able to walk, males are told to be tough and strong and that ‘big boys don’t cry.’ Male children experience more abuse, abandonment and neglect than their female counterparts. We also don’t know how many male children are sexually abused because – again – men are socially ordered to hold all that inside. Thus, the anger and feelings of helplessness build up for years and often explode into violence. Sometimes the man turns it on himself in the form of substance abuse and / or suicide. Other times he takes a number of innocent people with him. If he survives and brings up a troubled childhood, he is mocked and reviled.

    I know the feminist left is always happy when a man commits suicide because, in their minds, that’s one less male to worry about. But violence by men isn’t some inborn aberration of the gender itself ; e.g. “testosterone poisoning.”

    I believe the Florida incident is the 18th school shooting we’ve experienced this year so far. Eighteen! Since January 1! Congress didn’t take action after 20 little kids were killed in 2012. They won’t do anything now, except offer their fucking “thoughts and prayers.”

  6. This can be fixed…. but I fear it won’t!! if the sight of 5 year old little bodies riddled with bullets 5 yeas ago, did NOTHING then this event won’t change a dam thing! Our elected officials have no souls, no balls, no conscience!! They are bought and paid for by the NRA and they all know it, including Trump! Iam both embarrassed and disgusted at what our government has become! What have we done to our children and grandchildren?? They sold their soles for NRA $$$$! They should be ashamed of themselves, and yet….. they.are. Not!

  7. This topic saddens me so. Even down under it is all over the news. It horrifies me that rather than stop this having the potential to happen kids are taught in schools to be prepared so they can survive. I get that part but…………insanity. Not cheers but H

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