Three Days Later…

In addition to the endless parade of “thoughts and prayers,” here’s what some folks are saying on social media after the Parkland school shooting:

Dear God, why do you allow so much violence in schools? I’m not allowed in schools. – God”   I told a poster’s ass off for being incredibly cruel and stupid, and she responded that if I didn’t like it, don’t read it.  I unfriended her. Since then I’ve seen several others post it. Of course they post a lot of stupid shit (like one who posted a photo of Robert E. Lee this week. I asked why she posts photos of traitors to her country.)

(this is where most people quit reading and click like or post a totally irrelevant comment below)

A video clip of Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich from September of last year popped up. In the video he blamed society, gang culture, video games, the media, and elected officials. He also defended guns. I wasn’t very nice in response to that one either. I said that maybe I can’t change your mind about guns, but please quit justifying the murder of our children.

A relative posted, “Place three armed veterans in every school.” Right, because what we need is armed vets with untreated PTSD around a bunch of smartass teenagers.

Other things being said about the shooting include:

God allowed this to happen because America legalized abortion. Can we finally admit that some of these anti-abortion activists are nuts?

“No, the suspect was not a white supremacist, Trump supporter, or even a Republican… He admired communism and voted for the Democratic Party.” This one doesn’t make sense. The admitted murderer is 18 or 19, so he probably hasn’t voted for anybody yet.

the school shooting happened because some bad revelation about Obama was supposed to hit the news. Because no matter what it is, it’s always the black man’s fault.

it didn’t happen (#fakeshooting) Yeah, this group of folks is nuts too. Does it not scare you how many people in this country believe stupid shit? It does me.



Meanwhile people are gathering in protest. Two teachers crashed a GOP fundraiser Friday night in the Keys and confronted Paul Ryan. People protested Saturday at the Broward County, FL federal courthouse.  Kids are planning nationwide school walkouts to demand common sense gun regulation. These kids give me hope that maybe one day we can stop the madness.



On a separate but related note, Robert Mueller’s team on Friday announced indictments against 13 Russians for meddling in the US election. In those indictments we learned that a Russian troll factory called the Internet Research Agency led discussions on social media sites, posted memes that were shared thousands of times, and even organized and paid for people to attend events. The troll farm supported both Trump and Sanders (I knew it!) and worked to divide Americans on a variety of issues.

And they’re still at it! Facebook and Twitter have done very little to curb the practice, and the Russian trolls are fanning the flames after the Parkland school shooting. A lot of this crap you’re seeing people share was probably started by Russian trolls.

When Internet Research Agency financial backer Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin was asked about the indictments, he responded,  “The Americans are very impressionable people, and they see what they want to see.”

I agree, Mr. Prigozhin. We see every cause in the world for a mass-shooting except the obvious one. I guess we’re “impressionable” like that. 

27 thoughts on “Three Days Later…

  1. I agree with you … and I have unfriended many people because who needs that crap on my timeline. My problem is that I don’t see any kind of solution as long as we have a bought and paid for congress. And president. Until we take the big money out of politics — and I don’t see that happening — corruption will always win. I hate it. I hate the system, I hate the assholes we elect. I hate that so many people in this country are so incredibly stupid and fascist. I also know I can’t fix it and I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see someone else do it. I’ve been looking for an answer my whole life … and instead of solutions, all I see are bigger problems.

    1. This generation is different. They learned that we can’t be trusted during the recession. Now they don’t drive and see no reason to. They don’t value things. And they speak their mind. I have heard more sense from those Parkland teens than I’ve heard in a long time.

      1. Right now, I want everyone do do whatever they need to unseat the people who are killing us. We can get into the fine points later, but right now, I desperately want to see these assholes gone. But you know. I’m old. I don’t want this to be the last presidency I see in my lifetime.

  2. “The Americans are very impressionable people, and they see what they want to see.” This is the damn truth. And fine, kids – we’ve poured miracle gro on mental illness with video games and big pharma. All the MORE REASON NOT TO HAVE GUNS READILY AVAILABLE. Argh.


    1. I know, right? I just read that social services in FL investigated Cruz as a vulnerable adult a year ago but never as a kid. So the cops came to the family’s home 39 times, he was killing animals and stalking females and no one EVER called child protective services to investigate? THIS is why we don’t need guns: because we can’t trust anyone to do anything except blame others after tragedy strikes.

  3. Did you really see a comment about it not happening – #FakeNews ? Oh I am sooo glad I didn’t see that. I don’t do name calling as a rule – just never have been – maybe it is due to people calling me names as a kid too many times and I remember how it hurt however that would have been really hard for me not to.

  4. I thought it bad enough when it was suggested the teachers should be armed. Guns in schools is bound to cause more problems.

    I saw somewhere that they’re selling bullet-proof backpacks for school – problem solved!

    Someone told me “guns don’t kill bullets do”. That doesn’t make any sense, but I guess they’d change their tune if someone tried to restrict ammunition!

      1. I’ve seen Switzerland quoted as an example of the guns not being the problem, but the situation is very different. They are army weapons and they did start to get a problem with gun violence. The people who have those weapons are now not allowed ammunition at home, it is held centrally. They are also not allowed to take ammunition away from shooting ranges.

      1. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about their safety at school. I feel for them, it’s hard enough at that age without worries like that.

  5. All major gun shootings in the states air here in OZ and are discussed by wise people so we understand how this can happen. I think our only mass shooting happened over 20 years ago. Once was bad enough. I think people need to wake up and smell the coffee. They can’t be uneducated or stubborn anymore. Responsibility and consequences. Every time we all hope this never happens again. When is enough enough? Cheers,H

    1. Studies have shown the more you have, the more you want. Gun manufacturers want more money so they use propaganda to convince our people they are unsafe and the only way to be safe is with a gun… or a whole arsenal of guns, because the more you have, the more you want.

  6. For the first time, I feel a tiny smidgeon of hope because of how the Parkland students and other young people have reacted in speaking truth to power.

  7. Very well said. I’m so sick of all the meaningless ‘thoughts and prayers’ after every mass shooting but have some hope with these kids. We are losing nearly the same number of people killed in the Viet Nam war to gun violence each year. Talk about a sobering thought.

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